A way to do crackers, low carb style

So today I wanted to eat low carb for lunch but I was craving crackers. I just figured out a great cracker alternative that I just had to share.

I took a Toufayan low carb pita and cut it into 6 wedges. When I peeled each wedge apart to get 2 to 3 pieces from a single wedge. I sprayed them with Pam butter flavor and sprinkled sea salt on them. I put them in the toaster oven on 325 for about 5-6 minutes and then flipped over the pieces and left them in there for 2-3 more minutes. End result, a really tasty pita chip and I got a big pile of them! The carb info for the whole pile of crunchy goodness was 16g of carb and 9g of fiber. Since I have to subtract from the carb count when something has more than 7g of fiber (I take 1/2 the number of grams of fiber and subtract from total carb count), I only had to bolus for 12g of carb! Whhooohoooo!

If I had eaten the crackers that we had in the house instead, I would have had to bolus for 30g of carb.

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Now, where do you find these low carb pita breads? Because it occurs to me that half a pita would only be 6g and I could make a nice sandwich to take in a sack lunch. The other half would be heavenly toasted and eaten with guacamole.

Publix sells them near their deli. If you can’t find them locally, you can order them online. Here is a link to a place to order them online (this place has awesome low carb mixes and treats) or just to check out what the packaging looks like:


I have been using these pitas instead of bread for the last week. They make a wicked PB&J or egg salad pita pocket.