AARGH! Just got an email that ruins my day

The other three photos (+3) do not appear when I click on them. This has been discussed many times within this group. If you’re interested, you may want to join.

Here’s another source for how to fix button and other Med-T pump errors. High quality instructions and helpful pictures included.

i did request to join the group. I’ll check in with FB to see if the request has been granted (I don’t do much FB’ing).

EDIT: I’m in. https://imgur.com/a/iOXAP

I have a 530G and LOVE the Enlite sensors. Yesterday I had TWO unicorns (where SG and BG are exactly the same) and hardly ever have readings 10 or more points apart. It’s fine to say that Enlites do not work for you but I don’t think we should be making negative statements – like it’s “hardly worth having” – that imply universal truth.


These are excellent pictures of the button repair process.

Interesting that that imgur photo post includes a link back to TuDiabetes and this 2011 thread.

I’ve found that when writing about my experience of T1D, a personal truth for me, I need to be careful about extending that personal experience to the realm of universality.

I’ve also learned, however, that my personal experience does indeed extend to many other people, just not everyone. These exceptions to my experience do not impeach my personal truth or experience; they simply reflect a wider spectrum.

I don’t believe that we are all “snowflakes,” no two diabetes experiences ever overlapping. We all, after all, share similar human biology.

This portrayal of a single human’s experience as universal is the source of much misunderstanding and forum grief. I think much of this grief is often driven by a less-than-careful use of language. We see these forums often as an extension of informal casual conversations. That informality is something attractive to most of us.

I make an effort to stay out of this wearisome forum dead-end by trying to avoid using terms like: always, never, and any. That way you may honor the truth of your personal experience without stepping on the toes of some who live at a different point on a spectrum of truth.


I’m glad you are having good luck with them, I probably did make a false implication that my experience is the same with everyone. I guess I just figured it was the majority, since I have had or met 3 doctors that said they never even mention the Enlites to their patients, but love the 670G & Guardian 3. But I guess I do have to agree with the statement that the best choice for you is the one that works best, so if the Enlites work good for you, then I guess I can agree with them being a good choice for you.

Happy as I am with the Enlites, I am currently eligible for a new pump and my default is the 670G (with Guardian 3). I don’t know whether I will like automode (have heard so much pro and con) and wonder, if I don’t like it, will the manual mode be at least as good as my 530G, or the 630G?

We all like what we are used to. I get very frustrated when I find something that works well and then it is gone. I have a Tandem T:slim G4 and have never had anything else. Therefore, I cannot compare. Hopefully things will work out and you will be pleasantly surprised. Jane

You could always stick with what you have. For the time being.

We ran out of warranty for two years as we did not want to switch before being completely decided. If the pump died, we would simply switch back to MDI. And then continue to consider our options.

My opinion, better to take your time and consider prior to getting locked in.

Jen - I’m in Alberta. I didn’t know Tandem had applied to Health Canada for Canadian approval. Any idea if/when Tandem will be approved? My Animas Vibe is on its last legs …


Tandem applied in February of this year (2018) to Canada Health for approval of the Tandem t:slim X2 pump.

I certainly would not have expected the Canadian approval to take this long. Unless you are acquaintances with somebody “in the know” then I assume we will know when we know?

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The warranty on my 530G just expired and I received the email infoming me Medtronic was discontinuing my model.
Today I received a follow up email stating I can still purchase a 530G with a 4 year warranty until Oct 26th.
I’ve already decided to upgrade to a 670G but saw this message thread and figured the email would be interesting to those who want to stick with their current model.

I’m not going to post the contents of the email as it contains personal info but here’s a phone number you can call to get details on the program.
866-469-5459 or you can text Paradigm to 70604.

If it’s not allowed for me to post the number please let me know and I’ll edit this post to remove it.


Darn, the earliest I’ll be eligible for a replacement is around the 10th of December. And my endo might be transitioning from his practice in my area, to about 70 miles away with a few months off. All that is supposed to happen by the endo of the year, depending on a new home being completed.

Try giving medtronic a call, let them know you will get a t-Slim if they no longer offer the 530G in your situation. Worth a try!

I greatly regret upgrading from a 722 to a 670. My 722 was 8 years old and the case was coming apart. I should have resorted to superglue or duct tape.

The 670 isn’t bad, but the added steps and clicks to do anything is irritating. However, I loathe the sensors with a passion. To express my true feelings would likely get me removed from the forum. I have found the sensors to be very inaccurate. When they do work, they don’t work long. I estimate about a 20% failure rate in the first 36 hours. Another 20% will last more than 5 days, but few provide accurate readings after 5 days. The rest usually fail between day 3 and 5.

The level of frustration dealing with the sensors is not worth it. I spent 9 months trying, the last batch of sensors were much worse than the earlier batches. I went through a box in 10 days and one sensor lasted 6 of those days. After their tech support diagnosed my latest issues as a bad transmitter last night, I cancelled future sensor shipments this morning. I spent the last week without a working sensor and it’s been far less frustrating than any other time in the past 9 months.

I will say that I have been happy with Medtronic’s tech support and their customer service has always treated me well, but I should have listened to my doctor when she told me to avoid Medtronic sensors.


I think IF I had also replaced my 530 with a 670 I’d have exactly the same sentiments about it as you have expressed: Lot’s of sensor failures, good tech support, terrible equipment–sensors that, in their usual Medtronic fashion, are unreliable, and a pump interface (UI) that requires far too many “clicks”. No thanks!

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Great news Tim - Lets hope the provinces don’t take another year to approve.

Which province are you in (Tim, Jen)?


I am not Canadian. Although I have visited in the past. Before travel became more difficult.

So would you be able to explain what you mean by the provinces approving? Not being familiar with the Canadian regulatory approach, I thought that Canada Health was the only approval required for the entire country.

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Tim - Local provinces (think States in the US) have to approve the use of the pump in the event the province funds (insures) pump purchase and soft-ware coverage.

Where I am in Alberta, there were 3 pump companies for approved “coverage”: Medtronic (630 only), Omnipod and Animas (now gone).

The Tandem pump now needs to have provincial approval for coverage (could take another 12 months or more)


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