And did the first Snow Fall

As I opened the backdoor to let smudge out I saw the first snow of the season so did smudge who took one look turned around and hightailed it back upstairs, there are times when you feel a right fool, getting out of a warm cosy bed because the cat has woken you up at 5am so she can go outside, cynics might say get a cat flap installed and know it all like me would say ok stick it on my list of things to do before I die.

Our garden looks like everyone Else's this morning covered in a blanket of snow just like a picture post card or i need is the Robin in the picture to make it perfect.

Back to reality for a second take the victoza done take the morning pills done, insulin with toast later to do check blood sugars do now...........11.6 not good not good at all ,there is something magical about snow on the ground unlike rain which most of us ant to get away from as quickly as possible snow is inviting,it is very icy under the snow bad frost last night smudge lying stretched out on the window sill watching the birds including 2 robins chomping away at the food we put out well hanging from the branches of the apple tree

Smudge is such a poser,likes to look at snow but does not like to get her paws covered in the stuff,the start of another weekend in the Tales of a Black Country lad, let us hope i can keep on track focussed and determined to have a goos stable weekend.

Sofrom Sunny Shropshire scrap that snowy Shropshie bye for now .

Maybe your early riser, Smudge, could learn to like 6:00 am? Our dogs start barking at 7:00 am, which is plenty early for us! Just rain and cold here so far, the Toledo area is in a “snow shadow,” so that we usually get a little, but not much, snow. If we must see snow for nostalgic reasons, we don’t have to go far as the winter progresses–Michigan gets lot of it. Well, as another of your blogs says, “Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!” Can you believe 2011, the 21st Century? Think you could talk Santa into a new puppy for Christmas?

The Smudge is ultra-cute. :slight_smile: Love those tortie kitties.
Unfortunately most kitties aren’t very trainable. Sounds like Smudge sets the alarm in your house. :slight_smile: