Animas upload dongle?

I’m a Snap orphan and while I still have it I’m trying to figure out how to upload my data to Diasend. Was meeting with my CDE today and brought this up. She said she understood I could use the dongle that comes with Animas pumps. Is this correct? And is it possible to acquire one somehow?

It’s an infra-red dongle that I use for my Accu-Chek Aviva as well, so it is a standard download device. It’s needed to upload the pump to the Animas program. (EZ manager Max, something I never use.) I’d call Animas to see if they can send you one.

Once you have one, it’s a little tricky to get the dongle to lock on and start uploading.

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Thanks @Terry4 I’ll give it a try!

Once you have the dongle (I think it sounds funny btw!) it is actually easy to upload your data to diasend. I’ll look into your pump and see how u can upload your data. With the animas vibe its actually easy.

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Thanks @Anna6! It’s possible to buy a cheap infrared dongle* from any number of computer gear sources but I don’t if there’s anything special about the Animas one (Terry suggests not). I’m strictly a Mac user but if there’s nothing platform-dependent about the process I should be ok–I have a Diasend account and I’ve uploaded data from my Dexcom via a regular USB.

*Re “dongle”: it is a funny word. Goes back to a security thing that was brought into use back in the almost pre-internet 80’s. Probably an adaptation from “dangle,” since that’s what the original ones did, but no one seems to know for sure. If you’re a word geek like me, there’s a pretty good survey of the etymology here: Language Log » Dongle

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Not sure if this will help or not, but it looks like the Animas uploader is an “Actisys ACT-IR 224UN-Li”.

Found that info on

Hope that is some help!

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I’ll check it out–thanks for the link!

I would love some tips on how to get the dongle to read my pump. I fail more than half the time to get them to communicate. Is there a trick? Pump at an angle on straight on top of the dongle? Any advice or suggestions are VERY welcome and appreciated!

No great advice, It is a clumsy device and I have been thrilled to now be with the Tandem X2 and use a USB cord.

Thanks, I’ll look into it!

I put the dongle about a centimetre away from the pump and try to line it up with the two little infrared ports. I also try to watch the little light and once it’s solid (or maybe almost solid—a CDE told me that it actually blinks really rapidly, but I have low vision so it looks solid to me)—it means it’s locked on. It sometimes gets fiddly.

I wish that the t:slim was in Canada. Uploading the pump via infrared is extremely slow and seems so outdated. One of the reasons I chose not to upgrade to the Vibe.

i hold the dongle directly against the back of the pump, after removing the belt clip. There is a small “window” in the plastic where the IR port is. so I hold the dongle “window” against that, and initiate the connection. It is pretty slow, and if your pump falls asleep (screen goes dark) the connection breaks. So you have to keep the screen active, while balancing the pump and the dongle… pretty archaic. but I guess that is what waterproof gets you, pre-bluetooth…