Wireless dongle for one touch ping

I have tried to download my pump data but the dongle's green light is not flashing when doing so.I have also tried it on Diasend with the same outcome.Does anyone know if animas can send me a new dongle?I just had my pump replaced with on new one because I got a "call service alarm"now my software will only work in trial mode.Do I need new software too?

Did you enter the serial number of the new pump?

Have you successfully used this infra-red (IR) download adapter before?

What I do with mine is to remove the belt clip (it covers the pump IR window). Then I lean the top edge of the pump tent-like on the edge of the download adapter with the pump IR window facing down. I've found that I have to move the pump small amounts until the green LED lights up with a continuous flash.

The pump has to be suspended for this to work!

Here's a photo of the position I use to download.

Yes, I do all of that.I called Animas and they are sending me a usb cable compatible with Windows 8 & Diasend.But I still won't be able to access EZmanager in order to customize my reminders and alarms.Does anyone know how to change the tunes with ezmanager and windows 8?

Go to actisys.com and download the latest drivers for windows 8. They even work with the 8.1 "upgrade" which kills some other drivers. I am using Diasend and EZmanager on my Win 8.1 laptop.


It was alot easier to call Animas for the windows 8 cable and software.I got it yesterday.I installed the software and plugged in the cable and it worked like a charm.It found it was fast and easy.