Misty Wednesday in Sunny Shropshire

It is a misty Wednesday morning here, the snow and we had lots and lots of it has turned to slush and is finally melting away,the birds had a tough time of it and through our two disasters I forgot about them I got so stressed out not even the anti depression pills helped,the toilet hallway and living room or should I call it a lake is drying out and the mopping up has come to an end,not checked my blood sugars for 3 days to be honest it was all a bit too much for me, if I could have crawled off somewhere I would have after an eventful year all I wanted was to give my Angel a nice Christmas is that too much to ask,we do not have much apart from our kids and grandkids we do not drink smoke or gamble well we do the lottery always hoping for that win that would solve our financial problems and let us live the rest of the time we have together in a warm cosy home,but life is not like that we not for us anyway it has always been a struggle but we got through it and came out the other side always together,the diabetes heart failure prostrate and now gout has really worn me down and the anti depression pills just about keep me going but is this any sort of life,I cannot remember the last time I had a laugh or felt good in myself,these ailments and conditions wear you down like rain falling on a mountain,I am starting to ask is it all worth it and that is not the frame of mind I want to get back too.

I do not mind having my share of troubles there was a time when nothing could get me down I use to say bring it on but that was testing FATE not a good idea,Fate has had a really good laugh at our expense.

Taken my dosage of victoza all my morning medication all 13 pills and it is still misty outside some Festive season in our home this year,on the brighter side of life here we are sitting in our living room carpetless watching the floor and walls dry out,hope 2011 is a better year all round

Hi twiddlethumbs. Sorry to read you're having some 'down' time lately. Gout is enough to drive a sane man quite nutty, but it isn't forever.... nothing is. So keep on bouncing back, sir. We need you - your blogs and insight are as much a part of tuD as the word games! London on this side of the pond is flooding this weekend too. We got buried under several feet of snow for 2 weeks before Christmas and then the temps rose to well above freezing... and it rained and rained! Lots of flooded basements around here and our back porch is under water almost daily. We finally got a decent shopvac to try and stay ahead of the water seepage from that roof, but it's a losing battle. Then t\he weight of the snow falling off the steel roof dragged most of the eavestrough with it and even tipped over a BRICK fence pedestal. That's Heavy Dude! And tonight it's back to icy cold temps again and freezing rain. Glad I'm not out driving in this! Again, I'm sorry you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by so much and even by 2010 in general, but 2011 is still brand new - a clean slate for us to chalk up some more GOOD STUFF! Like the old latin phrase dictates: "Illegitimis non carborundum" (Don't let the bastards grind you down!)