Chocolate Recommendations?


Love chocolate and missing it since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Looking for diabetic friendly chocolate recommendations - seen a few options out there: Nebula Snacks, Lilys? Any others?

L i n d t. I eat 100% dark chocolate all fiber no net carbs.
Not sweet at all but it is chocolate. My wife eats 95%. Dark chocolate and it is sweeter. You can get in various percentages. Dark chocolate is a very healthy food.


I miss the 60% and sweet though! I have tried a lot of dark chocolates though and enjoy them!

Why do you ask? Are you checking sugar content, carb content or something else?

Personally, I would just eat the chocolate you want, and eat a small amount of it.
I don’t like the intensity of dark chocolate over 60% but you can get the 100% powder and add it to coffee or yogurt to get that chocolate flavor without adding any sugar or carb.

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Alter Eco and Endangered Species dark chocolate. :smiley_cat:

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This is my go to chocolate from Trader Joe’s $4,99 for each Pound Plus unit.
72% Cacao

This is pretty awesome to eat as is or used for baking

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Ditto… Trader Joes Best ever dark chocolate !!

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Sugar content! And sugar alcohols tend to upset my stomach too - so want to find a sugar free alt.

I want to eat the whole bar though! I’m gonna try Nebula Snacks and report back

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I’ve tried these and like them! But they aren’t sugar and sugar alcohol free!

I’m a believer that if you are going to eat something, then go all in and eat it. Just eat a small or moderate amount.

Sugar alcohols are one of those things that trick your body into thinking you are getting something it isn’t getting and it throws off your metabolism. The same as artificial sweeteners. They slow your metabolism. It was always touted as a free foo, but nothing is really free you just pay for it in a different way.

So I just avoid them whenever I can. If I’m having chocolate, I’ll eat a moderately sweet piece with sugar with real chocolate and stop at one piece. That way I get exactly what I want with no compromise. And I feel like I can stop because I got what I wanted.

It was harder to give up eating fat, because it’s deceiving how much fat is in so many things even healthy things. I love yogurt and I still have it I just eat less.
Ice cream. Uuugh. So hard to dose
fat free ice cream is just north worth it.


Well Lindt has 12 carbs and 12 fiber so no net carbs and no sugar for the entire bar. Of course it’s not sweet but it’s chocolate. I eat three pieces a day as fiber is one of the best things for the body.

12g of fiber that’s kind of like bitter chocolate flavored Metamucil. I’m sure it tastes like zero carb. But is it.
I never subtract fiber but I understand why we do. As long as total carb includes non soluble fiber.

Are you on insulin? I am eating all sorts of regular chocolate now since my father’s death. It is a natural anti depressant and I am managing it ok most of the time with my bolus and increased temp basals etc. I eat everything from shop right bread and basket varieties to Hershey bars. It started when a friend sent me more godiva for v day, lol. I just decided to try it again and it was ok.

The regular chocolate is better for me, with sugar. The ones with artificial sweeteners give me terrible digestive problems and the dark chocolate does too although I eat that sometimes too.

I do exactly the same thing and have gotten really good at it! I let my self have a few French fries every so often and by a few I mean 5! Same with potato chips, a small handful. Once I give let the craving what it wants, I’m happy to stop.

So, John3, carbs are carbs, and they pretty much all act the same. Most of the so-called sugar-free products have as many, if not more, carbs than the regular products. So, if you’re going to indulge, you might as well eat the real stuff.

I’m a chocoholic and I also have binge eating disorder, and buying a whole bar of chocolate is dangerous for me. I’ve found a few places (like CVS) where they carry mini-chocolate bars, and every couple of months I’ll treat myself to one of those. And maybe twice a year I’ll cave and buy a full-size bar of chocolate. Since I’m on insulin, I can cover the carbs, but it’s still not a great thing to do…hoping to get to the point where I NEVER do that, but at least I got it down to twice a year.


For me all carbs do not act the same, I can eat chocolate with sugar now easily but grains of any sort and starchy veggies such as potatoes etc. I can’t eat at all. Gluten and rice are the worst.

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I get that,meee. Fruits and vegetables can also be difficult because it’s hard to know the precise carb count. Potato is a good example…is it 2 inches or 3 inches long, how big across or around the middle, etc. And don’t even talk to us about Chinese food…right?

The counts on packaged goods are fairly accurate, though, and if you take the same candy, same size package, but one’s sugar-free and one isn’t, they’ll pretty much have the exact same number of carbs (although the sugar-free may actually have a couple MORE carbs than the regular). For me, at least, I have to bolus for the gross total of carbs, not the net carbs, which is why, if I’m going to “cheat” I’m darned sure going to cheat with the good stuff!

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@Ruth4 - If you have a love of chocolate (which is totally understandable!) do you look at dark chocolate bars? There’s a much lower carb count on those from what I’ve seen.