Any hope for type 1 cure?

My younger daughter( 4 year,elder is now 8 year old) also became diabetic last month, i am very confused person now .checking their bs three-four times and my self , keeping in my mind their previous records and injecting with different units,then food of their choice, constantly bribing them before pricking and injecting, then thinking of my own numbers,…this is .life i never expected … oh so frustrating…,and still readings are out of range. is there any ray of hope?

If you haven’t, you might consider joining Many parents on this group for support. Can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must be to have two children with diabetes along with taking care of yourself.

Hoping with all my heart there will be a cure for your daughters. I’ve given up hope this will happen in my lifetime, though there’s a lot of intriguing research using different theories now.