Is Insulet ever coming out with a smaller pod and Dexcom integration?

I've been on the pods for 2 years and LOVE IT, but I was told 2 years ago that Dexcom was going to be integrated Any Day Now and smaller pods were already ready to go. 2 years later, nothing. Lucky for Insulet the pods are awesome or i'd go with a company that wasn't full of crap. LOL.

I heard that also so I'm waiting patiently because I don't want to use any other pump.

Waiting FDA approval I believe for small pods and as for the dexcom integration I read that part is due FCC issues and the frequencies that dexcom uses. Would love the smaller and lighter pods so I would be less likely to get knocked off.

They said the same to me, but I tried Dexcom and had lots of problems; well, 100% problems in my case since I never had a single Dexcom pod actually work to completion of the cycle.

I know some people do bolus off the Dexcom readings (see recent posts) but that would never work for me; the trends were often (not always, and not normally) reliable but the absolute readings were totally unreliable except immediately after a new pod calibration.

Even for the most satisfied Dexcom user (the opposite of me) I don't see that Omnipod integration would perform any function beyond removing the need to carry two PDMs. I can't see any way that Insulet would allow a Dexcom reading to influence an Omnipod insulin delivery, and I rather imagine they might be worried about even displaying a Dexcom BG reading.

John Bowler

I've got a Type 1 friend that uses another pump that does take actions off the Dexcom, and her experience is not good. She said recently it is getting better though. But, I'm going to keep my opinion open until I try it, if they ever do make them work together.

I love the Dexcom but I would never let it automatically work my pump for me nor would the FDA. Dexcom is integrating with the Omnipod PDM so you only need one device. With my cell phone I carry 3 devices and I hate it. They have the technology already to have everything run through an Iphone but it will take 10 years for the FDA to approve.

Eliminating an additional piece of hardware from my over-stuffed pockets is plenty for me.


Well said - its lucky they have a product that we all love - and works - most of the time. The intergration will be a long way out I guess. I use the navigator CGM with the Pod - which works really well when you learn to only react at the lower end (hypo) nad to take it easy on the readings. If anyone knows of progress with the new Omnipod it would be great to hear.


+1. Cell phone + Dexcom + PDM makes me feel like an engineer from the Dilbert cartoon.

Smaller OmniPod should be out by end of this year. My sources have confirmed that it is in the FDAs hands now, not much Insulet can do. As far as integration. The first issue was that they did not want to integrate with the DexCom 7 since the G4 is due to get FDA approval soon. Once the G4 is approved I think we will see the integration between the Dex and the Pod.

Don't get your hopes up 2014 for US.

Will there be some sort of upgrade so current users can use the smaller pods when they finally are approved? I asked the Omnipod rep this question when I was buying my system a few months back, he said (but in a "don't quote me" mode) that he thought so. Anyone know for sure?

When I got my Omnipod 2 years ago the rep told me the same thing. He said Dexcom integration was max 3 months away and the smaller pod was 6 months away.

My rep told me all existing users will get a free upgraded PDM when the new pod becomes available.

My understanding is that everyone will have to be upgraded to the new PDM since the new pods will not work with the old one. If it will be for free, that we will find out I guess.

The company has said in its past few quarterly analyst meetings that the FDA approval process is as rigorous as if the new, smaller pods were an entirely new product. It's a back-and-forth situation, with Insulet providing information, the FDA coming back with questions, Insulet answering those, and so forth. At the most recent meeting, the tone of company management sounded as if release this year might be unlikely. The new pod is 40% smaller than the existing one, and will require a new PDM, which the company will provide to existing users, if they stick by what they have said in the past. Dexcom integration is much further down the road, I would think. If they can't even get existing technology approved, the process for CGM integration would seem to be much more complex.

Eventually the windbags at the FDA will run out of questions! I think the FDA-bots are proud to be protecting our safety with all of these pump and CGM delays when they should be embarrassed at how slow they are vs the European process.

I have been using the DexCom for over 2 years. I agree there are some cosistency issues from sensor to sensor. However, overall I have been super pleased with the system. It should never be utilized as a replacement for a finger stick. The true use is as a trending tool. It can also tell you about your numbers, for example I may have a 90 BG with an arrow pointing to the right. In this case I would check my son’s BG and if number is within 20% I would do nothing. Where the same 90 BG with two arrows pointing down would alert me to a possible low. In this case after confirming the BG with my meter I would prevent a possible low.

Integration phase one, whenever it happens, will only eliminate one PDM for the user. The technology as it stands right now will not be used to treat BGs.

Last thing I saw on the smaller pods was that Insulet answered the last couple questions from the FDA and were just waiting for a response. Hopefully the FDA will give them the go ahead. They seemed to be hoping for the end of this year from what I read. It was from another of those investor conference call things.