Anybody going to this in a month?

Never been to San Francisco. BG good to travel, but I am afraid of sharks, sea lions, and killer whales. I don’t think I will be able to go into the hotel swimming pool for fear that one might get in there.

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You can just pretend that your technology is James Bond-like able to protect you from all uninvited guests.

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I think I would find this interesting but I don’t get the impression that it targets patients. It seems like the patient point of view would help with sessions like this but I’m not sure that doctors, scientists, researchers, and high-tech people want that at a meeting like this. I expect a few patients will show up.

They do claim that “every stakeholder in digital health will find something at this conference for them while learning something new.” Patients occupy the central stake in the meetings’ topics of interest.

Oh, Terry, quite contrary. We do love do bicker, don’t we? LOL. Always we oppose one another. Its good for both of us, I imagine. Keeps us sharp. This is me and Terry4, LOL.