Anyone else have button issues with G5 receiver?

Mine is so “crunchy” it’s hard to press the arrow buttons and it makes a heck of a noise when depress. the only button that feels OK is the center button. Dexcom is sending a replacement.

Anyone else have button issues?

That is a new one. lol. Never had the issue and never even heard of that issue.

That is great you already have a replacement on the way.

Will this be your first “return” going back to Dexcom? The “return kit” they send is a riot !!!

Yup, first return. What’s funny about the return kit? MM sends envelopes, even for pumps!

That would be like saying what is under the Christmas tree before you open anything !!!

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I have the distinct feeling you don’t want to spoil the surprise…

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I have some- when it alerts a number and the picture shows up I have to press it twice to stop the alert and get back to the graph. Such a pain. All my receivers have done this.

Tim, LOL, I got the return shipping packet. I guess I better drink a lot of water… :slight_smile:

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I went to Fedex to drop off the old receiver. they couldn’t accept it at the counter (I want a receipt) because the larger plastic envelope has a BIOLOGIC label, so I had to remove the inner envelope containing the boxed receiver, cut off the shipping label and affix it to the inner envelope. that way they would accept it and give me a receipt. my other option was to not get a receipt by dropping the originally packed receiver in a drop-off box inside the store.

I have had button issues with my receivers also. I returned the first one but the replacement they sent is doing the same thing. I usually have to press the buttons several times before they respond. I thought they were just ‘stiff’ and would break themselves in over time but it seems to be just the way they are. I mostly use my phone app now because of this.

IMO, the buttons are a lousy design. the new one is better than the one I just sent back–that one made an awful cracking sound and felt “weird”, mostly at the left arrow spot. I can’t use a smart device thanks to Medicare’s limitation on devices.

Glad to hear your new receiver has better buttons. I thought I was the only one with button problems when I returned mine but I am now optimistic Dexcom will improve their hardware since it seems the buttons are causing people to return the receivers.