Anyone have a dead dex?

This is a company who makes very good clips. Maybe if they have a dex receiver they could either make one for us or tell us which one they already have that would work well.

If you have an old dex that doesnt work and you wouldnt want back would you contact me?

Just talked with them on the phone. He said he got pics of the dex yesterday (from you I assume) and recommended the Ultra Clip & Case Tab with Large 3M Adhesive. Just ordered it, so I’ll report.

Hahahahaha, thats funny. I just spoke with him too and he said he has had a number of questions about the Dexcom just today! Yes, pics were from me, he recommends this for us

Dex would need to order a lot of holsters to be made in order to make it cost effective. Can we all push Dex for a decent holster???

Will report too :slight_smile: