Carring a dexcom

So my new Dex 7 plus came today. Its a beast. Im excited none the less. What I want to know is how do those of you who carry the football, how do you do it? Is there a better case? Maybe a plastic holster? Just in a pocket? Velcro it to yourself?? Ok, maybe not velcro, but its big, what do you do?


In my pants pocket without any cover.

In my pants pocket without a cover.

I think cargo pants are required wardrobe for diabetics. They ought to be covered on my insurance plan.


Besides a pocket, you could use something like the Lowepro Tasca 20 pouch which measures 0.5 x 3.7 x 5.9 inches. If you are like many of us when getting it for first time, you will want to look at it constantly!

You may want to keep it covered so stuff doesn’t get into the screen.


I bought a Spibelt for it. I like to keep it in the case to protect it, but I had my brother take a hacksaw and take the clip off the case so it isn’t so bulky.

Thanks Danny. This is my second CGM. I had the MM as well when it first came out.

There is a leather case? I think all i got was the rubber and the clear plastic / felt thing.

@Helmut, Thanks!

yes, but who carries good straight legged cargos?! I wear Levis 501 and thats about it, so having some wide ended cargo just feels funny. Cargo shorts on the other hand, are the only kind that should be made IMHO.

Im fairly hard on my stuff, but dont like the bulk either. I dont even wear a watch. Im thinking what Im going to do is get a LCD cover to protect that and hopefully a belt clip of some nature. I really wish they made a slide in holster for the thing.

Thanks you guys. Great ideas here. Please keep them coming!

My dexcom came with a leather case built in clip. I ordered the skins and the sports case. I believe the sports case is what now ships with the pump.

I wear it in my pants pocket with just a skin on. Or leave it on the coffee table, my desk at work, my purse, and at night my nightstand. If I don’t have pockets I’ll switch to a case with a clip or use my spibelt.


You might like the vertical slide in holster located here . It’s custom-made for Dex. It’s expensive but you can order it however you want open-pouch style or velcro tab or velcro flap.

I would caution you against the Dexcom leather case that comes with Dex. Dex flew out of the case when niece was wearing it and into the pool. Floated on top, but was still fried (did dry out and started up after five days). Can be worn in a pocket, but since niece does wear the tight jeans she carries it in a little purse. Spi-belts are supposed to be good and there are certain waist packs (like the waist band from pumpwear, inc.) that would work well. Dex really needs to integrate with a pump. Between the pump, Dexcom Receiver and glucometer, it’s too much to lug around.

Away form home I wear in the clip/pouch that came with it…at home just ion the rubber thing in my paocet or layin on whatever table is closest to where I am working/chilaxing

I know. My teenager has “jeans” that are actually stretch pants so they can be as tight as possible! My 501s arent skinny in any means, but they arent bell bottoms either. =^)

Chilaxing - “To chill and to relax at the EXACT same time. Nifty, I know.” as defined by urban dictionary. Thats pretty humor.

Some one else had a thread. This is what they recommended. I love it. It will fit either my Omnipod PDM or my Dexcom receiver.
It is the small cell phone case top right. $12.50

Thats funny. I found another thread on this too and it was said that the Verizon Chocolate (original one) phone was the same size as the Dex.

Here is the dex in the phone case

I found them here (<-link) for 8.00 plus shipping. Im thinking Ill pick one or two up.

I picked up the case from Duluth in anticioation of the pod/dex integration.

Will that one work better for the integration? I actually need to research that as MM called me last night to say my warranty was up. Time for a new pump!

Not sure when it will happen. I am planning ahead. From what Iv’e been told it will eliminate the dex receiver but will still need the transmitter. Just like the mm. This case is very rugged. The logo is actually not red, it is a battleship gray and does not jump out at you.