Anyone Using or Not using the new Diasend?

I’m seriously considering opting out of this, since A. my Endo has never had time to go over numbers with me and B. Everything I do is so un-textbook and needs so much explanation, I do better on paper.
Just curious, who’ss opted in or out on this one?

Laura, I use the Diasend program with my Endo, but I also do very detailed log sheets. The Diasend program has been helpful when I’m having a problem between visits. I’ve made it a habit to download my pump every Sunday night and that way it’s there if she needs it. Plus, she also looks at the Diasend website right before my visits with her and then we talk about it. Since I only started on a pump last September, this is actually the only computer program that I’ve really used. I also use the Dexcom program.

Carman, that sounds very convinient. I just loaded it and uploaded my pump. I’m going to use it. Not sure yet if my Endo does but I’m sure I can get them into it as I know all Endo’s have enough of a certain pump. Good luck. I’m not a paper person at all. I’ll log for a day or two and then it’s back to not…

I do fine with paper. I got the EzManager software and have been meaning to get around to using it. Then people started talking about the Diasend and I don’t know what the difference is between the two except that the Diasend is primarily for sending stuff? I don’t know where you get it, and I don’t send anybody anything (my doctor wouldn’t have a clue), so I’ll stick with (thinking about using) the Ezmanager. God technology is changing more quickly every day!

My endo is in the process of getting set up with Diasend (firewall issues). The downfall of Diasend for me is not being able to make changes or add comments. The ability to see everything in one place and the statistics are great.

I do use it, but I’m a compulsive logger so also use a word doc for comments, etc. For now I’m sending my endo a screen shot of a couple of the diasend reports plus my log with comments.

Zoe, you can download on Animas’ site…

See? I have to make comments, because I have to think about every button i push and every decision I make.
Cant explain that in software.
The CDE thinks I have a touch of gastropathy (not full gastroparesis) and my food hits at odd times. Do you have the software kit with the dongle?

I thought I saw a field that had add comments on the Diasend? No? / I just checked on it. At the bottom of the page you can leave comments and send them.

Thanks. Yes, I have that jrtpup, I sent for it for the EZ Manager. If I don’t send anything, wouldn’t the EZ Manager be just as good for seeing numbers, averages and inputting food carbs? Does the Diasend have any advantage for those things?

There is a place to make a comment at the bottom of the page. I’m not sure how much information the box holds. It can either show or hide comments

Yes and you can add comments according to day and time so you should be able to comment on each sugar as long as the time is differnt

Sandy, according to day and time? The only way I can see to do that is to actually put the date/time in the comment box with the comment… what am I missing?

Zoe, I haven’t used EZ Manager much except to play with composing tunes (I got an F lol). I think Diasend gives more info and stats, but not sure. Why don’t you play with it a bit?

I still haven’t gotten around to using the EZ manager yet, jrtpup. I downloaded it and glanced at the user guide but that’s about it. I’m funny with technology, I think of myself as pretty low tech but if I’m really motivated to do something I can do it. Last Friday the Dean of the college I teach for sent out an e-mail with a list of summer courses that were cancelled due to the budget. The list was in excell which I don’t have (all the computers on campus do, but I teach online and live 4 hours from campus.) I e-mailed but I guess the Dean was in meetings all day. I was pretty sure my course wouldn’t be cancelled but I didn’t feel like spending the weekend worrying. I tried one thing to open the file that didn’t work, tried the second thing that didn’t work and gave up. Then I went back later and the third thing worked! (My course was not cancelled, yay!).

I guess I’m just not that motivated to leave my comfortable paper log yet.I was going to use EZ Manager to log my favorite recipes but I just go ahead and mark up my cookbooks with carb counts. And it’s useful to have the old ones. I haven’t made pizza in 10 months and was able to look back and see how I bolused for it. (It worked a lot better then, but that’s ok, the recipe makes 11 servings so lots of time to figure it out again. That’s why I haven’t eaten it in 10 months, I eat such a small amount each meal that I get sick of pizza for months and months!

If I had to send somebody my numbers I’d check out Diasend. But nobody’s interested…lol

Zoe, sounds as if you’re perfectly comfortable logging on paper. If it ain’t broke… :slight_smile:
I have a friend who also teaches online in PA .

Thanks, Jrtpup, I do intend to check out the EZ Manager, just keeps ending up on the bottom of my to-do list. Yeah, teaching online allows you to be mobile, I started doing it before I moved to Guatemala where I liked the idea of U.S. dollars in a third world economy!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying your pump, btw. I found the learning curve pretty steep but it sounds like you’ve just slid on in nicely!

I do use it as its easier for me for them to sign in and look at it vs me trying to upload and print and sometimes the printer wont work or I may have forgotten and at my boyfriend’s house. It makes my life easier. I only wished they had a forgot your password link as I can’t seem to remember it!

I use Diasend for my upload reports to my ENDO, I however also download into my ezmanager as I like to work with pump management features… I was printing and faxing reports from ezmanager to the endo, until Diasend was made available. Now when the ENDO wants to look something up they can just go and check it out.

When you put in date and time there is another slot where you can change the time as well.