Apple Cider a natural remedy for T-2?

I admit to being a bit cynical, and wondering at the wisdom of drinking that much apple cider, but … what say you? Why would this work, and how could it be encapsulated?

Umm, actually it is about vinegar. Numerous studies have shown improvements to digestion with the use of vinegar. I personally use this to justify my excessive pickle consumption.

And why ever not? Pickles are pretty low carb :slight_smile:

I tried having shots of vinegar and it seemed to push my BG’s lower although I abandoned it, reasoning my BG was ok without it. It was hard to decide if I wanted to have it before breakfast, and ruin breakfast or after and ruin the rest of the day.

You can buy apple cider vinegar capsules. They’re inexpensive. Drinking it isn’t good for tooth enamel because it’s acidic.

bsc, I love pickles also. Traditional pickles don’t have vinegar. Vegetables are pickled in salt brine with herbs & sometimes other ingredients are added.

Gerri has a good point, the acid would not be good for your teeth. I have malt vinegar on my scrambled eggs in the morning, I actually pool it in a bowl and drink the excess at the end, I also use vinegar and olive oil on my salads liberally. I have read about vinegar but will see what others have found.

Most people have never experienced pickles without vinegar. They are actually called lactofermented. I like the BaTampte half-sours. Although, now that I think about it saurkraut is lactofermented.

If you are going to drink it then you need “the mother” (unpasteurized,unfiltered) apple cider vinegar Braggs is a good brand all health food stores carry it. (Do not use the regular apple cider vinegar, thats only good if you have a stomach flu or food poisoning.) Drink it 2-3 times a day,1-2 tablespoons at a time diluted with a little water and drink it with a straw so it doesn’t harm your teeth. The capsules are a waste of money and not the same. I drank ACV daily for a few years then just got lazy but it has many uses and healing properties. It’s good for allergies, burns fat, boosts energy, and many many other things. It also can lower the post-meal rise in glucose. The acetic acid in vinegar is thought to slow starch digestion and reduce the glycemic index of starchy foods. Some diabetics swear by drinking it at night with a slice of cheese and says it helps lower their fasting bg. Everyone is different but what do you have to lose? It’s amazing for your health whether or not it helps your bg.

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Another thing I have read about that can help lower BG is taking a long, hot bath. Maybe even with a small glass of good (dry) wine alongside!

Yeah I tried a really long hot shower after injecting but it didn’t work…haven’t tried a hot bath or hot tub yet.

Barely in the door and already an expert! i love it.

It’s got to be the vinegar, since apple cider normally has much sugar in it naturally from the apples…adding vinegar to it would reduce the working of the sugar. YET, I wonder what that much vinegar would do to your stomach and GI? Who knows, I know friends who take the tabs and do fine, people who drink apple cider vinegar for weight control, it curbs their appetite. There are many natural things that help with BG’s, why not this? Guess I am at a loss for reasoning, but it it works, why not?

Love saruerkraut. My grandmother made the best. Just cabbage & salt. I make kosher dills whenever I can find good pickling cukes. Cucumbers, salt, garlic, black peppercorns & fresk dill. I stop the pickling while they’re still bight green.

ugh… I smell vinegar and start to gag. you guys can have it! lol