Scientific evidence for vinegar

has anyone heard about this,

Pros: Easy To Use, Helped Lose Weight
Describe Yourself: Exercise Regularly, Health Conscious
Best Uses: Exercise and Diet Supplement, Maintaining Weight
Bottom Line: recommended
Vinegar's pungency comes from acetic acid, which inhibits the activity of carbohydrate-digesting enzymes. When these enzymes are blocked, sugar and starches pass through the digestive tract much the same way that indigestible fiber does. You could consider vinegar a natural and inexpensive starch blocker. As long as the vinegar contains at least 5% acetic acid, it will work. Acetic acid also helps convert glucose to glycogen, your muscle's reserve fuel. Another advantage is that increased conversion of glucose to glycogen reduces insulin requirements. This information was taken from a wonderful book that I keep with me every where I go. "Stop Prediabetes Now" by Jack Challem and Ron Hunninghake, M.D.
i got this off medco my online pharmacy and thought id give it a try. doctors donot not seen to know anything about it. saw on ohpra when she had droz on about diabetes. i will post results of my expieriment as soon as i get the viegar capsuls. im going to take them once a day to start. i know it sounds to good to be true but its worth a shot.

I can’t speak to how it works on bg levels. Myself and a friend been drinking apple cider vinegar for about 6 months now. From what I read, the weight loss effects are minimal but there if you drink it before meals. The other benefits have been rather amazing in our case however–reduced fluid retention, reduced pain from bursitis, reduced joint pain, increased energy level, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced bg levels in lab work, reduced effects from allergies of all types.
From what I have seen, monitor, keep in touch with your doctor and it absolutely cannot hurt and often helps.
My parents used to drink it for years and it really helped them.

There have been several discussions here about vinegar, if you want search to see other people’s experiences.

I’m T1 & didn’t see any effects from vinegar–straight or capsules. Perhaps different for T2s since most of the studies for things like cinnamon, supplements, herbs & vinegar focus on T2s.

If you drink vinegar, rinse your mouth out afterward because it’s damaging to tooth enamel–acidic.

Yeah… There is actual scientific evidence for this… I had a link of the study for this somewhere… Can’t find it right now, but I’ve posted it on here, on a few threads.

Is this apple cider vinegar or regular white? I love vinegar too. I like to brine my cukes in it.

Never heard of coconut vinegar Duck.

Any vinegar with 5% acidity.

Thanks, Tom.

I have been reading about vinegar and BG also, seems to me any vinegar will be fine not just Apple Cider, There is proof + that vinegar really works and meds can be cut back somewhat. I am experimenting with rice vinegar because its in the cupboard.Doctors do not know alternative medicine so a Holistic Doc would be a good consult.The stuff tastes like crap …also suspect that alkaline acid blood ph has a lot to do with it… actually acidic vinegar will help u go alkaline :slight_smile: research needed :slight_smile: vinegar in capsules would be pricey? vinegar is dirt cheap… u can buy gel caps at the pharmacy :slight_smile: