Approval time for the dexcom

Hi all

I wanted to ask how long did it take you to gt the approval for the dexcom?? I was told by my rep that it will take about 1-6 weeks to get approval. So I just wanted to find out how long did it take for you and when you got it what was your reaction. Thanks!

A sales rep pushed it through within a week. He did all the heavy lifting of coordinating between insurance and my dr’s office and got it approved despite the insurance needing more info from the dr. He called and gave me a detailed breakdown on what it would cost me and answered any question I had.

You just can’t wait :slight_smile:

Nope I cant! I am just to excited! this will help me big time with managing my diabetes. I just can’t wait to get the phone call that it will be shipped so I can tell my boyfriend (its being delivered to his place as I have issues getting packages at my apt building) and set up that first appt. The sooner the better for me haha.

I was nervous about the first sensor insertion (by the nurse assistant) but it turned out to be nothing–less painful than a shot. She warned me not to throw out the transmitter by mistake!

I’ll remember that. I know the transmitter is needed. I just cant wait to get it in my hand!

Oh, my Dex rep mentioned they have a standing relationship and contract with my insur (Anthem of CA) so the approval was quick.

ah cool…its good when you have insurance that has a good standing with a company. I hope my insurance does.

Mine was through Anthem BC/BS…so it took about 2 or 3 months, as Anthem kept changing their requirements…first, just needed a “necessity” form from my endo, then after that, they needed 6 mos of bg data…whiich I just made up on an excel spreadsheet (shhhh, dont tell on me…please) then it was one thing after another, finally I got it and had my training appt., after which, Anthem fell right in line (my endo wrote a ferocious letter explaning the benefits of CGM’s and Anthem completely changed their position) My first few months were a little disappointing, as the accuracy was so far off. I just had to learn the ins and outs, the do’s and dont’s (ie Tuylenol is a BIG dont). After you get used to all the small stuff (just read all the posts here) you will love it! Good luck and PEACE!

Thank you! I know all about Anthem BCBS…i had to deal with them when I lived in NY and was working as a biller at a hospital. BCBS is famous for not paying bills on time or giving the referral or authorization #s, etc. I am hoping my stomach can handle motrin for my extreme pain. I take tynenol only because its the one stuff that works on my extremely painful joint pain that I suffer on my right side when it rains. But I’ll have to switch and hope to find something that works just as well.

I wish you luck! Tylenol is gone from your life now, as the active ingrediant (acetominaphen(sp?)) throws the dex WAY off. You will be surprised how far off it goes, if you do it once, and you will never do it again! (Thats only my experience…my opinion). Motrin is Ibuprofin, no? That is cool, I use Advil whenever I need pain releif (ie after talking to my insurance company). ( I always have a big headache after talking to ANY insurance company…especially Anthem BC/BS ).

Thanks. I’ll try advil. I use to have a reaction to it long time ago. I have no idea what Motrin is but I have a bottle of it that I can use if needed.

I have Aetna and a very good endo who new how to fill out the required paperwork. Once Aetna received the paperwork they approved it in 2 hours. My CDE said it was the fastest she had ever experienced. My hypoglycemic unawareness was well documented and I am sure it contributed to the fast approval.

my #s has been roller coasting and I am hoping they’ll see that so I can see where my numbers are better. I am hoping my dr did the letter to submit. I cant wait to get the thing in my hands! I really cant!