How long does it take to receive a CGMS from Dexcom?

I am currently waiting on a representative from Dexcom to get back with me about insurance coverage in regards to getting a CGMS.

From start (Filling out the first form about insurance coverage) to finish (receiving your cgms) how long does it take?

It took two weeks to get someone to call me back… after that point, about a week for my insurance to decide to cover it.

Thank you for your answer. Did you have someone to train you to use it? Or did you read the instructions and figured it out on your own?

I actually just got my kit in the mail today from Dex–the receiver is across the room charging now! (It shipped Tuesday morning.) I faxed in the initial forms on July 1st. So all-in-all, just about three weeks.

I think, based on conversations I had with the rep, the longest delay was getting my endo’s office to get the letter of medical necessity out the door.

took me at least 3 mos. all in all.

:frowning: @ three months. Thank you for your honesty!

Mine was fairly fast. My CDE submitted the paperwork to my insurance company and got approval back in 2 hours! She told me that she had never received approval that fast. I can’t remember how long it took to get my shipment from Dexcom after my insurance approval came in.

Well, the 3 mos included the time it took for my endo to fill out the “medical necessity” forms and get them off, she is a very busy/good endo, so I didnt hound her. Also, i had a battle with my insurance co. about what they would cover and why…(but that’s for another discussion altogether)! So, please dont be discouraged!

Thank you! I won’t get discouraged, I am just excited about it all. :slight_smile:

It took about 2-3 weeks to get my Dexcom from the time I filled out the forms in the Endo office until it came in the mail. I think it depends on your insurance company. My insurance company contacted me to confirm whether my diabetes was currently “under control”. I’ve had it for 2 months now, and I use the re-order web site to get the sensors (package of 4 every 4 weeks). Also - the Dexcom rep contacted me, but I didn’t need the training or in-person help. Following the video instructions on the web site was good for the first time sensor insertion.

Does anyone’s insurance cover the sensors? I know it probably depends on the insurance, but just wondering.

Tricare covers 2/3 the cost, I pay about $20/sensor, $80 for a box of 4. I’ve gone ~ 10 days max, but you need to restart after 7 days (recommended sensor life).

Yes, my Aetna plan covers mine 100% after a $250 annual deductable. The deductable applies to many items, so if I meet it for pump supplies, then there is no deductable for the sensors.

My insurance is similar. Everything is usually covered 100% after a 500 out of pocket maximum and $100 deductable each year. I’ve met both out of pocket and deductable, so we will see!

I was contacted by my local Dexcom Rep before I had got home from my Endo appointment. Had the paperwork filled out the next day. Was contacted two days later by Dexcom saying my paperwork was being forwarded to Edgepark because HealthNet didn’t contract directly with Dexcom (I knew this already). Edgepark called me the next week letting me know insurance had approved my CGM and it was shipped the next week. So from Endo appointment to having it in my hands three weeks.

I also started it myself (I was supposed to wait for formal training) and it was a piece of cake. I am scheduled training on it with my Endo in a couple weeks so I am going to have to play dumb.

Thank you, that was informative. lol about playing dumb. Too funny!

Anthem (BC/BS) covers at 80% after deductable.

It took only 7 days from the date of my calling Dexcom to the date when the 7+ arrived at my door. Incredible. I had a doctor’s appointment where we discussed CGM options, and when I returned to work I called the local Dexcom rep, who emailed me a form.
The quick delivery was a combination of me returning the form to Dexcom that first day, my doc expecting the form and filling out the authorization or prescription, and Aetna’s great coverage. I got a call from the rep a fews later to confirm everything, then it all showed up by FedEx the next day. I was impressed, but sorry that everyone else’s experience can’t be as simple.

Thank you Greg. I have spoken with my Dr. just seconds ago and she said she will order my Dexcom. So, hopefully because the process is starting at the Dr. office, it won’t take long.

I applied for one a year and a half ago. I’m still fighting with my insurance company for coverage, but it looks like it’s not going to happen.