Dexcom Approved by insurance today!

So my insurance will cover everything 80%. I’m awaiting my doctor to write a letter of medical necessity and get the final go.

How long did it take to get your unit after you got approval? I’m really excited about this thing!!

1 week

Congrats, Brian. I started using the Dexcom last month and I won’t go without one now. It’s amazing how much I look at it and how many BG disasters it’s already prevented. It definitely makes your life better. Good luck!

3 days after approval (well, not counting the weekend, but 3 business days)… my actual approval process once my insurance had everything took about a week. Getting Dexcom to submit everything to my insurance took quite a bit longer. All told the process took about a month… I faxed my paperwork on September 9th, and had my Dexcom system in my hand on the 5th of October.