Medtronics silhouette/animas sites interchangeable?

I switched recently from a minimed pump to the animas ping. I noticed that for the animas sites, the tubing for the inset 30 and the Comfort short is not interchangeable with the other animas sites (inset 9mm), etc). Mentioning this to my CDE, she told me the same manufacturerer made the minimed Silhouettes as the Animas Comfort shorts. While looking at them today, it seems the hardware does in fact appear to be identical (site hardware ONLY, not the tubing obviously).
Has anyone else tried this and do you have thoughts on using the silhouette hardware I have left with animus pump and tubing? I do have a few full boxes, and they appear to identical.

Thanks in advance!


Medtronic infusion sets are proprietary - no other company sets will work with Medtronic pumps, that also means reservoirs as well. I believe some places (maybe have non-brand sets that are supposed to be compatible with Medtronic pumps. If you had switched to a T-Slim, then the sets could be used.

Thanks, Artwoman -

Yes, the tubing and reservoirs are all separate, but solely for the silhouette sites they appear to be identical - the animas comfort short tubing and reservoirs connect perfectly with that particular Medtronics site. Photos below (once I switch to a real computer and upload!):

images of the two inserter needles and the tubing connectors.

471-photo2.JPG (696 KB) 472-photo3.JPG (654 KB) 473-photo4.JPG (813 KB)

470-photo1.JPG (656 KB)

I guess you could try it, do a prime to see if it squirts out effectively. I have to say that the photo enlargements really make the things look like instruments of medieval torture!

Will keep you posted!

When I Switched to Animas from Medtronic, I did use the leftover Medtronic Silhouette sets with Animas tubing that came with the Comfort Shorts. They are both made by Unomedical and are identical except for the tubing connector to the reservoir. Because I use my reservoirs for about a week, I end up with lots of extra tubing and thus could keep using the Silhouettes until they were all used up because I had enough Animas tubing to go with them.

The sites are interchaable, but the tubing to cartridge connection is not. If you look at your last picture, you will see that both are made by Unomedical. They make every infusion set, some are only for a specific pump maufacturer (Animas Inset series) some are made for all pumps, except there is a version for Medtronic, which uses a proprierty tubing to pump cartridge, all other pump maufacturers (Animas, Tandem...) use a luerlock connection. At one time Animas made a luerlock to Medtronic adapter, so you could use up all of your medtronic infusion sets, but I could not find it on their estore website. If you reuse the tubing, you can connect the new canula to the old tubing, and use up all of your medtronic canulas

Thanks for all of the replies. Using the silhouette sites, but with the Animas tubing and reservoirs has been no problem so far.

Thank you!

I just boxed up my Revel pump and brought my Animas out of retirement yesterday. Was glad to see the needle site was still good, and all I had to do was switch the tubing. However, I have endless boxes of tubing around but not very many extra needle pieces. Darn. They used to sell Silhouettes and Comforts in boxes where you could buy the two pieces separately. I wish I had done that. Like lancets, I will never run out of tubing but now it wont do me any good.
I have managed not to place a Minimed supply order the whole year, but now that I've dragged Ping supplies out, I think I may have to order at least the cartridges soon........

good luck! and we will ALL never run out of lancets...