Are you in love...?

with your lancet device? Due to an unfortunate middle of the night testing incident, I’ve lost my Accu-Chek softclix. It’s not in my bed, under my bed, in my dresser, behind my dresser, in the fridge, or anywhere else I can think to look. Maybe I mistook it for glucose tabs. Since my backup died about three months ago, I’m having to use my backup-backup: an ancient autolet. (Seriously, google an image of this thing–it’s scary looking.) Despite the fact that it looks and sounds terrifying, I’m liking it way better than my softclix. It doesn’t hurt as much, and I don’t have to squeeze my finger to death to get enough blood. Since I have to go buy a new lancet device (or two), what should I get? Do you have one that you love?

I can never find one tat I like so I am very excited to hear what others have to say-for something that I use so many times a day, I think its time to fall in love again…with a new finger pricker!

i LOVE my Accu-Chek Multiclix! i hardly EVER feel the lancet.

I’ve tried that one, and I didn’t like it. I think I might have tough old fingers, and I end up using the highest setting and squeezing to death.

I do’nt use one. I like to do it myself and it is one less thing to carry around.

The only lancet device I know of that can be bought seperately is the BD. In fact, its the only one I’ve ever used that isn’t included free with a tester. It’s my favourite by far. It is very effective, virtually painless, has a smooth release, and the senstion is unlike any other I have used. It almost feels like it has a shock absorber, so the impact feels cushioned rather than that nasty “whack” sensation from so many other lancers.

It’s big and white, so it doesn’t get lost easily. It takes 2 hands to set the depth (which means it does not accidentally get reset to “out the other side of your finger” depth), it takes any of the normal lancets. It costs about $10. The top screws off to replace lancets which means there are no little clips to break. A great design in my opinion.

When I need to carry a shorter lancer I reluctantly use the newer OneTouch Ultra lancer (about 2-1/2 inches). It’s the best I’ve found of the various short devices.

I think I used to have one of the BD ones. I can’t remember what I thought of it though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Pelikan Sun - The super duper electronic Lancet device.
This is so painless, it hurts. I thought all lancet devices would hurt, this does not.
The Pelican Sun from the Website is the ONLY Electronic lancet device and is so painless, you have to see the blood to believe.

Steve, do you have any connection to this company?

Accu-Chek Multiclix gets my vote

I see by their website that this product is now discontinued.

if you have tough fingers, the generic walgreens one is actually pretty good. Its not fancy or anything, but I only have to put it on power 2 for it to get blood out. If you can find the microlet with the old tops (not the adjustable one) they also work for tougher fingers also.

The accu-chek softclix is pretty decent. It’s plastic, but it’s not the cheap plastic junk that the other guys make.

The Multiclix is cool too.

Yes, I got two autolets circa 30 years ago when I started home bg testing. Guillotine away! I held onto them until maybe 1996 or so. Got rid of them finally after I couldn’t find the little platforms (you know, the things with the holes in them) anymore. I treated the autolets pretty rough and the platforms were always snapping off in my pocket. But I will NOT go back to using them!


I love my Freestyle Flash one. I have the adapter tip so I can test on my arms instead and I love it. I have a ONE Touch meter, but I use the freestyle flash lancet and if I ever lose it, OMG- instant death to myself. I couldn’t do without it!

In love with my lancer, not really . . .it’s not like it’s a radial arm saw or something really nifty, but I’ve been using the OneTouch SoftTouch, both the regular one and their mini one. Both work well especially with the BD lancets. I use the finest gauge, either 32 or 33 i think. Seems like 10-15 years ago the lancets were like sewing needles that looked like they belonged on my wifes Singer in comparison.

I always lose that one, too. My bed is over a rug that has navy blue in the pattern. I usually have to put my head near the floor next to the bed and look for it. I love that one, too. I think the OneTouch Lancing Device works almost as well, but mabye better. I got it with my onetouch Mini. It is nice because it is small. I also use 3 when my fingers are normal temperature, but turn it up to like 5 or six if my hands are cold. It works great for me. It is the top one at the followign link:

Another one I really like is the one I bought (because I couldn’t find my softclix) that looks like the following:…