Artemis Woman Heel Smoother Pro

So… I saw this thing a long time ago, on the Today Show… And I had mentioned to my hubby that I wanted it. Shocked as I am that my husband remembered something I said I wanted… He got it for it for my birthday!!! (Yes, it’s not for another two days, but I got it early. lol)

I really... Really... *LOVE* this thing. It is strong and powerful, but not too strong and powerful as to hurt my feet... and I can now file down my callouses without the stress of going back and forth and back and forth with a regular file, and with my carpal tunnel issues. Honey found it on a deal on Amazon, for $9, but regular price can go anywhere between $25-$40. It comes with three bits of different sizes, and a really great shea butter foot lotion... (mine came with two 1 oz jars) and the system goes well with my foot spa. I file my callouses down, soak my feet in warm water with massage, and a touch of olive oil... soak for 20 min, dry... and put the lotion on, and some foot spa socks he got me last Christmas on clearance for $3 (from $15).

This dremel tool is SAFE. It will not hurt you, or mess your feet in any way. I am soooo pleased with it. Sometimes these types of tools crap out on ya... I've had some in the past for nails, and they just didn't do well enough... but this thing is great! I get so frustrated with my foot care... that I just thought I'd share it with you guys, if anyone is also frustrated, like me.

My mom only got me a pumice stone and foot lotions. I switched the lotion to J&J baby lotion. That was before my diagnosis. I guess this is more effective than my plain old pumice stone/baby lotion routine? I also use vinegar, aloe vera, and olive oil on my skin, depending on what’s going on.

Well… I don’t know how effective it is for you to follow this routine. It has never truly been, for me… so I was quite happy with these other solutions.