Just wanted to share...dry skin product

I have had this really bad dry spot on side of my ankle and also left elbow…not really psoriasis or excema…tried everything out there … lotions and potions…a local small pharmacy recommened this cream and it was nearly $20 for 4 ounces but I was desperate and they told me one lady comes in and buys 2 jars every month!..anyhoooooo IT WORKS wonderfully!!! spots are nearly gone within 1 week of use…I saw that I could buy it online cheaper but with shipping ends up being nearly 20 anyways…a little dab will do you and it’s helping my fingers too…

just passing it along…

20% urea

Ureacin-20 Cream

Hi Jaimie,
You said you bought this cream at a small local pharmacy. Is that pharmacy just in your city or state? One of my grandkids has two spots that no matter what the doctors have tried, does not respond to anything I would even ship it to my daughter if I can find it. Thanks for the tip/

it is available online but looks like all those little pharmacies really hike up the shipping…

I paid 19.89 , tax 1.54 … i could put it in a bubble wrap envelope and ship for about 4.00

I’d be happy to pick it up for you and ship it…

Thank you so much Jaimie. I will look around here for it first and let you know. I really appreciate it. I am so excited to try this cream. If I can find it I will be sure to let you know. We have a good friend who has some kind of awful rash and nothing the doctors have given him has helped either. I am going to tell him about this as well. His rash is in a lot of places he can’t cover with clothes and he gets so embarassed about it. It woukld be just incredible if this works for him too Thanks again.

Thank you for the information:)

Thanks for the info, I have all types of skin issues, and as winter grows near, issues increase.

I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

I just did a google search