Minimed tubing coming apart

Has this happened to anyone before? I had the tubing come out of the piece that attaches to my body. This happened while I was sleeping and woke up with a BS of 349 this morning. This has only happened 3 times in my last 13 years of pumping…and 2 of times have been in the last 4 days.

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Which set is that ?
I have used MM sets for over 20 years and never had that happen.

Although one time my kitty chewed right thru one tubing!

Looks to me like a quick set. I used those for 12 years until a month or so ago (the change is not related to anything like this) and never had it happen. If you can’t come up with anything like a cat story, and both of these instances in the last few days are from the same box I would call Medtronic and report it. They would want to know.

Yes, this is from a quick set and they were both from the same box. I didn’t think about calling medtronic until it happened a 2nd time in less than week. Will be giving them a call.

What are you using now instead of the quick set?

I used the Quick-Sets for several years and never experienced this failure. I would be wary about using any more sets from the same lot number.

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I use Silhouette now. I’m pencil thin and after 11 years on the short Quick Set I started crimping cannulas fairly frequently so we decided I should try these. So far I love them!!

This happened to me this morning! I have used the quickset for around 14 years with minimal problems but opened a new box last week with two fails: 2nd one was what you have a pic of above that happened this morning. The set before that would not click in properly and I had to change. The lot number is 5170758. I called Medtronic and they are replacing all my sets that have that lot number. Did you guys have the same batch as me?

I’m not sure what the LOT# is…I will check when I get home, but don’t plan to use any more from that box.

I won’t use any of mine either. Give medtronic a call and they will replace

I have had this happen 3 times in 20 years. it is usually the result fo a handle catch or something. like that. Medtronic will send a replacement if you ask them

Constant but in last few month alarming that its now common. Had to stop pumping yesterday back on injections now. I am loosing my vision due to pump defects and tubing issues.


Yeah something is obviously wrong. Hopefully just a single bad lot.

I just took a used infusion set and tried to pull it apart. 23" tubing. Had to pull on it pretty darn hard so the tubing stretched out. Finally at about 66" of stretched tubing, the connection finally snapped.

Note - not the minimed tubing on my “stretch test”, rather the Tandem T:90 infusion set but the connection as pictured looks the same and I would expect (hope?) similar durability between them for properly manufactured lots.

Thanks for sharing the lot#. I just checked and my next box has lot that is similar, 5170774, so I will check them closely when I start using them.

I checked medtronic website but found no information regarding this, or specific lot numbers that are known to have problems.

Ever remember getting a notification from Medtronics (or any other pump mfgr) about recalling lot #s of infusion sets?

Me either. We need to pressure every relevant government agency to break up the Unomedical near-monopoly.

Before minimed was bought by medtronic there were some letters for various things. I think I have only gotten 2 from medtronic. Was much much better dealing with minimed.

Not infusion sets but I have received notifications from Medtronics about reservoirs.