Back from a technology vacation

I left the laptop behind on my recent trip to Washington, D.C. and then when we came back home for repacking for sailing - still did not touch the PC. I actually thought I would be foaming at the mouth wanting to switch on my computer - but just being away from all the technology that is involved in our lives these days was oh so nice. Except, when I think about it - I was still hooked up to Antonio (my pump) - so I guess I wasn’t on 100% cut off - though no Twitter, no Facebook, no Tudiabetes, or Diabetes1 - accchhhh!!!

I never got the chance to meet up with Cynthia Kahn - due to a 24 car pile up on the highway coming thru’ Maryland that took 2 hours to get by - even on a 4-lane highway. I took a picture of my BG reading at the time - as we were stuck in an unairconditioned car (Smart behaved otherwise mechanically very well averaging 60 miles to the gallon). I’ll post that picture and others later (it read 7.7 - not bad for being stuck in a car for 8 hours).

To read more of my blog post - just click on this link - warning - there are singing angels …

Oh - and one thing - high security in all the museums in Washington - I was pulled over once due to the insulin pump sending off alarms. If you are going to Washington, just pretend you are going on a trip thru’ the airport - and you’ll be all set (some places won’t allow you to bring in water bottles - but I managed to get thru’ with mine for some reason - maybe because I keep it in an insulated Thermos??? - abit bizarre).

Ahh shucks - I’m blushing here. I have to admit - I did miss the gang here at Tudiabetes! I’ve become quite attached to this place.

Welcome back…missed you too!