Ideas for insulin bags

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to share with you something I found to be very helpful in carrying my needles, syringes, alcohol swabs and insulin that is very inexpensive. I found a cosmetic bag (beauty organizer) at Target for about $10 that is great for travel and storing in the fridge. It is small and flat but holds a lot! It can hold up to 8 vials (out of their boxes) in the back of the bag, where it has elastic banding to hold the vials. It has 2 zippered pouches in the middle and can hold 2-3 bags of syringes (approx. 20-30 syringes in each pouch, 40-60 total) and the front side zippered pouch I use for alcohol swabs which holds about 100+ swabs. I have looked all over diabetes supply websites and have never found anything that is as nice or cheap as this!
When traveling you can put one of those flat freezer packs inside and it will keep the insulin cold for a long time. I know this print is not "male friendly" but I am sure that there are some plain black or solid color ones that would work for men.
The dimensions are 5.5 " H x 8.0 " W x 2.0 " D I store it in the fridge door and it fits just fine.
I do not keep my unopened boxes of insulin in this case until I am ready to use them unless I am traveling and don't want to carry multiple insulin boxes with me. The sides are pretty padded and I have never had a problem with vials breaking or anything.

I just thought I'd share my findings with you all and hope that this helps someone looking for a carrying case for their D supplies!

Hi Sierra,
that looks great, I'll check it out. I've frequently checked the cosmetic bags, but don't recall seeing anything as cool as this !.
Most are either too small, too big, or no compartments.

That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I'm always in search of a new diabetes supplies bag!!!

Hello, I just picked up one of these the other day for my kit. Holds everything I might need, including room for glucose tabs. Just thought I'd share too :)

Take care.

I love this bag. Do you know if I can get in the UK?