Best app to record…lots of things?

I have started searching for an app that enables me to record and track all info that I think is relevant to my self-management. I have found a few that track some of these but none that allow me to enter all of them when I want at different times of the day:
1 BG
2 Insulin dose
3 Carbs
4) What specific foods did I eat and how much (seems to me this is important, given different glycemic indices, how some foods just mysteriously affect me differently)
5) Exercise
6) Notes (illness, stress)

I don't need it for a phone. Just my Apple Macbook Air would be fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have used "Lose It" for a while but am in the midst of switching to myfitnesspal as I've started hanging out w/ an online exercise group that mostly use that and it will be fun to share. I just do BG separately on my pump/CGM as that does a much better job logging than I do. I tried Glucosurfer and like their graphic representations of things all on one timeline. I know some other people (Scott Johnson...) using mysugr and getting good results with that. I think I tried that briefly but I am too hyper about testing my BG and to me it's a huge hassle to try to stuff that into a log.

I've been using mySugr on my iphone. it's easy to use, and kind of fun. here's our group for it

additional discussions on apps:

Thanks. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but I do want to include BG and integrate it with everything. Will look at the 2 you mentioned...

Thanks. I'm a Blackberry guy. As far as I can tell, can't download that (I hope I'm wrong). On the other hand, maybe I need to join the iPhone universe if that's the only way to track and monitor the way I want.

Here's a link to It does a very nice job integrating. I haven't checked it out for a while but it's a neat app. Foodwise, I am a total sucker for barcode scanning. It may be there now but wasn't back when I used it. Holger is a member here and was very communicative when I had some issues and fixed them and got me going again.


Glooko promises to be a cool new startup that actually graps data from most meters - look forward to when they get their android app out:

When I want to record all the info you note I just open a spreadsheet (excel or whatever) on my PC and kept it organized by column. Completely flexible. But it takes time to enter all the info so I only do this when I'm trying to figure out some mysterious BG pattern.

I'm happy now recording just BG and insulin. I keep it in my meter (One Touch Ultra Smart) - the BG is obviously already there so I just need to remember to enter the insulin I take. I find the insulin usage statistics useful (watch change in TDD, bolus/basal ratio, etc). In fact that meter records all of the above you listed (carb, exercise, notes) if you're willing to take the time to enter it, except for your number 4 (specific food eaten).