Best Low Treatment Carbs to Pack for Travel

I’m trying to decide what to pack for Caleb for lows on his trip to Italy. When we were there last summer, I was not able to figure out a go to place to purchase things. Pharmacies are all over, but not what they are here in terms of stock - the are truly pharmacies and not convenience stores.

I’m looking for treatments that are efficient, compact and heat resistant. Right now I’m planning on a solid supply of glucose tabs and some GU packs if he gets in a situation where he needs a significant amount of carbs.

Any other ideas that are good for travel when you don’t have a lot of room to pack?

I pack gummy lifesavers in a plastic container. Lots of folks carry Smarties…they’re small, easy to keep in a pocket. Although the FFA says you can take juice boxes, DON’T. It’s a nightmare.

Once you arrive buy some things in a small grocery…they’re elsewhere.

Have fun!

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I spend time in Italy every couple of years, and while pharmacies are not, as you’ve found, the supermarkets they are here, grocery stores / corner stores are everywhere, and reliably stock soft drinks, juice boxes or bottles, and bags of hard candy, the latter being what I usually end up buying when the stock of glucose tabs I thought would last forever runs out halfway through the trip.

You can also pack those 4-ounce tubes of cake icing, which are very light, don’t need refrigeration, and last forever.

On the go, any grocery store will have soft drinks and juices, most coffee bars sell the same, and running low is a great excuse to try a new flavor of gelato. And since you’ve been there, you’ll know Italy is the Carb Mother-ship. Carbs are never too far away.

Amen! But so much of it is slooooooowwwww. :frowning: There are a lot of grocery stores - I did not go in them! They looked like they were filled with lots of produce and not much else, but that was just a window view. Thanks for letting me know there’s more in there.

We ate a LOT of gelato while there. Yummolicious!

By grocery stores I don’t mean greengrocers. I mean places that Italians call a minimarket and we call corner stores or convenience stores or bodegas – somewhere you’d go for basics: milk, cookies, pop, cat food, toilet paper. (But not lottery tickets – they’re in the tobacconist’s!) They usually stock a variety of candies, snack foods and sugary drinks. They’re not as common in smaller towns and villages as they are in the cities, but most sizable towns will have a co-op (small supermarket) which sells the same kind of stuff.


Skittles have literally saved my life during long flights. Im attending a conference in Abu-Dhabi next december, of course it seems far away but im anxious thinking about lows during the trip. So I totally understand you. I guess I´ll keep my skittles and other candies pretty close. There are no glucose tablets here so I usually have other carb sources.

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Grocery shops in Italy are places of wonder and discovery. I encourage you to drop in one. Much healthier that US stores.

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Okay, thanks for clarifying. When we went, I don’t think we had a lot of opportunity to find places like this. Rome was probably the most likely place we could have come across one. We spent some time in Tuscany at a resort and also Venice, which is where I remember what must have been a greengrocer. This cultural glossary of sorts you are providing me is very helpful. Thank you!

I packed a bag of Starburst on our trip last year. That gave me comfort. I felt like that bag held a heck of a lot of carbs. We ended up not needing many, which was nice. I can only hope this next trip results in the same. Orthodonture complicates things - all these chewy options are technically not permissible, although Caleb seems to manage around it well enough.


I travel with glucose tabs and also those Go Go applesauce pouches for kids. The pouches are flexible and easy to tuck away in luggage. They are 15-20 gm carbs depending on the brand and mix. I’ve never had one break even if it migrates to the bottom of my used and abused carry on bags.

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Caleb uses those regularly as well. I was worried there might be trouble bringing them on board - could be considered a liquid? But it sounds like you haven’t had a problem. Thanks!

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My rescue sugar of choice is juice boxes, so I’m flight days when traveling, I avoid carrying any from home, then once I’m past security I buy a bottle of juice. One thing I just thought of for easy packing is small boxes of raisins. If I remember correctly they were 10 grams per box.

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I have started using Elovate 15, I love the stuff. It is like pixie stix (only cherry and I do not usually like Cherry anything) They fit well in pants pockets, or in a small glucose meter case.

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I know peace of mind!!! I have few hypoglycemia now because of diyaps but still gives me peace of mind carrying sweets with me. Its time someone creates some not chewy delicious options. I do find glucose tabs useful but yikes…taste’s not so good. LOL

Is that the powder thing? Cherry? Cynthia gave me one last time we met. You are absolutely right, fits well in every pocket.

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How have I not heard of this stuff before???

Does it make you choke? I’m picturing a cloud of pixie dust and coughing. lol

It did make me cough LOL…but it was a good experiment though.

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It is 15 grams of carbohydrate per package and since it is a fine powder it acts quickly. I have never choked using it. I usually take about half the package in my mouth, let my jaw work to get it down (this is really not needed) and then take the remaining half. The best part is you can stick three packet sin your back jeans pocket and no one (including you) would know it was there. Since it is powder it is TSA safe, light and as I say it is the quickest thing I have ever used. I have been in the 40’s and bounced back into the low 70’s within 5 minutes.

Since it is powder my theory is starts being absorbed in your mouth and by the time it hits the stomach it is well on its way. It was developed by a mom of a type 1 who needed a way to carry glucose without the obvious containers etc. I understand that, but I do not use it for vanity, I mean I don’t care about that. What I do care about is how quick it acts.

My one issue is a good / bad thing the pouch can be a little difficult for me to get open. My arthritic fingers are find it difficult to grasp sometimes. Now the good side is these things can take a beating and never open unless one intends it. I actually found two that went through the wash and came out intact and fully usable. (No I do not suggest that, but when men put stuff in their pockets, well stuff happens)

They seem expensive when you first get them. But one has to remember each package is at least 4 tabs, so the differential cost is almost $0.00.

Yes I am a big fan !! I have been telling everyone I know about them. Oh and they taste good, and like I said I hate cherry anything so I had to be convinced.


I see… I usually have trouble opening things when on low sugar levels, the pouch is not that easy to open (you are absolutely right). It is a good advice not to take the whole thing (as I did and coughed for a while lol).