Best Nutritional App?

Hi, I’ve been using CalorieKing to look up carb info, but I don’t like it much anymore. It’s become a weight loss site with a search function all the way at the bottom of the page. Does anyone now of a better, quicker app? I don’t care to enter any of my personal data online; I just need a quick lookup for carbs and other nutri info Thanks. I have an iPhone.

I have that app and a few others, although I think I must have deleted the others, as I can’t find them now! It doesn’t matter really, I don’t use them or the Calorie King app.

I do have the Kindle version for my iPad and have the Calorie King book in there; no ads. I have a few other books for carb counting, such as Food, Glorious Food: The Kindle Carb & Calorie Counter, a Guide to Complete Food Counts 2nd ed.; and, Carb Charts - Low Carb Reference

If I have online access, I use google. I enter the food followed by the word nutrition and many sites appear showing the nutritional breakdown. I typically look for the sites I have come to know and trust. I do leave any site that is overwhelmed with ads.

I use, and for the most part like, the diabetic version of MyNetDiary. Yes it cost about $10US, but it is worth it. They have very good customer support.