Best pump for visually impaired

My husband David has been insulin dependent for over 50 years. He has a Medtronic 670G pump but is considering a 770G. He can see his Medtronic Pump and is used to it but the sensors have been failing more regularly so he is in a quandary. Can anyone help with a new pump choice and share your thoughts?


Hi Sally. I too am a long timer (54 years) T1 with less than great vision. I can see my pump well though. I use a Tandem t-slim pump which is touch screen. Screen has a dark background with bright white, blue or green writing, red alarms. It has a bonus feature where if you hold the on/off button, the pump vibrates, then you can push it repeatedly, each push = .5 unit, up to the bolus amount you want. Next the pump vibrates back to you the # of button pushes you entered, to confirm. One more button push starts the bolus. - Point being, no vision required. Maybe all pumps do this nowadays.

Also, it’s Dexcom CGM that works with the Tandem pump, which usually works well.

Anyway, good luck finding what works best for your husband!

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I also use Tandem X2, and one new feature is that bolus can be done from T:Connect app. I have not tried this, but think others here have.

The T:Connect app can show most pump info without having to look at pump small screen.

You can probably find videos that would give more detail and demo.

I did find some Tandem pump menus odd, after switching older Medtronic 5xx series. But having used Dexcom+Medtronic pump for years, I was glad to get the new integrated functions on Tandem w/Dexcom G6.

Would endo have a demo Tandem, or know local Tandem rep that may meet with you to have hands on?.

Having used both the Tandem and the MedT 700 series, I do not believe that your husband will experience a noticeable difference in either pump. I find both of screens very good especially since both have turned to color screens.

Thank you. Good info we did not know.:grin:

Thankyou for taking the theme to respond.:grin:

Thankyou for taking the time to respond. When we went to Endo they show you what they look like and give you literature. That’s it. So we are working on other avenues to get a look at the Dexcom. TY😁

You can see what the tslim looks like with their simulator app.
Here is a link to the Android one.