Best way to remove the left-over glue from Tegaderm?

Does anyone know the best way/thing to use to get rid of the extra Tegaderm adhesive? I got the nasty sticky ring around the edge of where the thing used to be and now it has collected dust and other fun things so it just looks ugly. I can’t find anything around the house that seems to get it off. It’s swimsuit season and I gotta get rid of this!!! HELP!!! :slight_smile:


PS: This is for covering my sensor site, in case that mattered to anyone :)

I use baby oil on a cotton bud which seems to work for me ( I use flexilink cannulas )

Ditto on the baby oil. I have also used acetone nail polish remover on a swab as well. They h commercially prepared products as well - Detachol, etc.

If baby oil don’t work try an alachole pad to remove excess glue from taping.

ask your pharmacy to order you a bottle of Uni-Solve adhesive remover. the manufacturer id Smith & Nephew. works great!

I ;used to use acetone when I was a nurse. Just be gentle to your skin.

Thanks guys! I gave the acetone a try–OUCH! I think I’m gonna run out and try some baby oil next. If that doesn’t work I’ll try the Uni-Solve. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

I vote for the Uni-Solve. If you have a “small business” pharmacy like we do here, you can ask for some sample pads to see if you like it before you buy a whole bottle. I was the proud owner of a pump for about a month and bought the huge bottle and then stopped using the pump so I have that GIANT bottle just sitting around the house. I will say it works VERY well though. I think the baby oil would be nicer for your skin though.

they make adhesive removers for this use.


I used tegaderm for the longest time and battled with the same thing. the tape that comes with my MM infusion sets these days doesn’t leave the same residue.


If you still have problems with this after you try the other suggestions, then contact me. I have a product that I started using in the hospital and found in an Aurora hospital pharmacy. I love it. It comes in packets just like alcohol pads. I have it with me here in rehab but it’s in my room and, right now, I’m just too darn lazy to go into my room!!


Hmmm. I usually take a hot shower then use an alcohol wipe. Works for me.

Nice, sounds like the story of my life: “I’m too lazy to go get it” lol Thanks! :slight_smile:

Best luck I’ve had is with orange oil type cleaners… like Goo Gone, Re-solv-it, or Orange Glo. They’re all basically the same thing, work really well, and are cheap :slight_smile:

As some other replies have said, ‘Smith & Nephew’ solves the sticky mess you’ve gotten yourself into. But they make two relevant products:

Uni-Solve is more “industrial strength”, and a bit nastier than the alternative:
Remove is slightly more gentle, and adds some skin-restorative stuff (including Aloe).

Both are EXTREMELY capable, I’m sure that either will work. A couple of soft wipes, and your mess is gone. (And yeah, hardly anything else around the house has any effectiveness AT ALL- you’re basically resorting to a sandpaper approach.) “Detachol” is a Ferndale product, it’s sort of dedicated to removing “Mastisol” – but the Smith and Nephew wipes do a great job on Mastisol, too. You only need one, and obviously, I recommend “Remove” over the other two. (Uni-Solve in second place, Detachol in 3rd.) Remove and Uni-Solve are available in bottled form, and as single-use foil-wrapped pads; unless you’re better than I at handling drip-prone mini-bottle lids, and juggling q-tips just right, your should buy the foil-wrapped pads.

But after you’ve cleaned up this particular mess, there’s another question: Rick, why are you using Tegaderm in the first place? With the right combination of other products, you shouldn’t even NEED to use an adhesive pad which leaves such gawd-awful residue behind after “the end”.

I use “Skin-Prep” underneath my Dexcom adhesive pads, and then a small strip of “FlexiFix” tape over the pad edge on top. Lasts for way over two weeks, and I’m in the middle of some major home remodeling. Lots of sweat, lots of twisting and bending… and when the Sensor’s done, the pad is still attached perfectly. And it peels off easily, leaving nothing. Skin Prep is a barrier film product, NOT an adhesive: it keeps the adhesive off of your skin, AND it keeps your sweat off the adhesive…

and that’s why it helps so much. FlexiFix is very costly, but I have the impression that the adhesive layer is much thinner than Tegaderm’s, or IV3K’s.


Found the Goo Gone wouldn’t take it off me.



I use IV 3000 on top of the quicksets. Sometimes they just don’t stick really well (even after using Skin Prep) and I also tend to tug on the tubing sometimes taking it out. This way, without blocking the ports, I have more sticky area to keep the little buggers down when I get them caught on something!