Better clip for Medtronic 630g?

Hi folks,
Does anyone have a suggestion for a better case+clip for the Medtronic 630g? The default clip is fairly useless since it’s somewhat weak, and they changed the design of the 630g/670g to have the rounded back. The clip doesn’t really make much contact with the silicone skin and as a result the pump is always falling out of my shirt/pants pocket.

Most of the options I’ve seen with a clip include a case that’s too big to fit in a shirt pocket, so I’m looking for something compact.


I use a flip phone holster on my belt. Unfortunately these are getting hard to find.

The hipclip on Amazon. About $10. It slides right into the track for the medtronic clip but is lower profile. It has stayed secure for me even on long runs.

Mine started to crack at the hinge very early so I took some epoxy glue and reinforced it all over, a year latter still holding! and I’m not gentle with it LOL

I found on the 630G and 670G the metal clips for Animas Ping/Vibe work MUCH better than the Medtronic clips.

Be careful of the Magnetic part of the flap, I think in the Manual they say stay away from magnets…

thanks for you sharing, It is useful.

I have the Medtronic 630 as well, the original clip broke and I was sent a replacement one. They have changed the design. It now has a front and back to the clip. It no longer clips onto the silicone it actually closes onto a strip of plastic the size of the clip. much better design.

Which hip clip works for the 670G?

The 670 and 630 should use the same clip. I don’t know if your clip that came with the 670 is of the old design or the new one. The new design has two sides to the clip, not just the part that slide on the back of the pump. I also just discovered that the new style clip has a break away design. When it is pulled on hard it snaps apart. I thought it was broken but it wasn’t. It just snaps open at the pressure point and you can just clip it back together. Fantastic design.

Just a side note:

I didn’t use a clip on my 630 and I apparently periodically was unconsciously rubbing my thumb along the serial number which is under the clip, which rubbed the sun off. On one of my calls to the help line I was asked to provide the serial. When I advised that I could not read it, the rep recommended that I exchange my 630 for a new one because if I were out and had an emergency, I wouldn’t be able to provide the SN. I had to spend time reenteting the settings, but I also got a new/ refurbished pump.

I’d gladly pay $13. Tandem doesn’t warranty their case or clips, and you have to use Amazon to get a replacement. After shipping and tax, the replacement costs just under $40, which is ridiculous for a product that will not last 6 months.

that’s awful. I’ve had Medtronic belt clips break and they send out free replacements, even 2 at a time when I ask. tandem sounds tight-fisted.

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Me too. Tandem thinks nickel and diming their patients is a much better approach. That Tac 1 company charging $50 for a case is even more ridiculous

Insulin and perfumes are pretty pricey also.

I haven’t worn perfume since college and my 90 day humalog order costs me $5

I pay nothing for my insulin. that isn’t the point. Those with no insurance pay a fortune. don’t you read the stories about diabetics dying from insulin rationing, due to the exorbitant prices? Even with the manufacturers recently responding to congressional hearings with 1/2 priced insulin, they have a long way to go to stop gouging a captive audience.

What does insulin pricing have to do with Medtronic charging $13 a clip and Tandem $40? No, I don’t worry about other’s problems, I have no control over them.

You’re high prices have nothing to do with the context of the conversation. Between my wife and I we have $250,000 worth of automobiles. This example bring anything to the conversation of how much a clip costs?How about my 3 million dollar mortgage for our property in Hawaii? We can play this game this game all night, it has no bearing on a clip/case cost.

the clips are not very well design. I’ve had mine cracked and a new one get stuck to the point I couldn’t remove it from the pump.