Medtronic pump clip

I just broke my last pump clip. It got caught on something when I sat down at a restaurant.

Medtronic has been cool about sending me replacements so far. I've been through about a half dozen, including one that broke in the mail.This is what I'm using in the mean time. Pretty sad.

I think the clips keep breaking, largely due to the poorly designed hinges. I’m going to try modeling and 3d printing a more durable version.

I break mine at the worst possible times. Like entering the plan to go on vacation. In the hospital on my way to surgery for a hip replacement. So what i started doing it buying two each time and asking for one each time I call. Yes $15.00 is expensive, but it beats the alternative. Incidentally they do deliver never next day on vacation in FL. You knwo I can go for months and never break one, and bam in like two months break two. i wish I could figure that one out.



At least you got creative :p

Last time I had the full holder. I superglued the rotor in the middle, fixed, once it started getting loose. It was fine for about a year, then the clip broke. Then I switched to a mini clip. The hinge broke in less than a week.

can't imagine! never had any trouble with mine.But maybe I'm not sure which one you are talking about. I'm glad you didn't break your pump!!

i never used the clip. my fingers cannot squeeze it. i use a small zippered pouch attached to a belt either under or over my blouse/sweater or whatever i wear & in goes my pump. voila. easy.

I use the short tubing, so the pump can't even go in my pocket. Driving me crazy. I think I'm going to try Shoshana's approach for now.

Hi Sam Iam. When I used my pump I used a Spibelt; there is one made specifically for pumps: Now that I'm on MDI, it continues to be useful for carrying Small Personal Items, such as glucose tabs, keys, etc.

You just made my day! Thanks for sharing your "creativeness". I use a regular SpiBelt since I started on the pump in March. Seems to work the best for me.