Strep throat has left me so frustrated right now. I am 2 weeks behind on school. I basically have one week to get 3 weeks worth of work done. The past 2 weeks plus this week’s homework done. I am throwing up everything I eat right now. My doctor says this goes along with the strep. He said if it doesn’t quit soon I am going to have to be hospitalized because he is worried about DKA at this point. Tonight I started running a 102 temp, blood sugar of 350, and mild ketones in my urine. He really wanted me in the e.r. tonight, but I have been able to stay out of there for the time being. Finally get the temp to break, got some zofran in me so I am not throwing up anymore and have been able to sip on some water to help prevent dehydration. Just hope that I can keep doing this and stay out of there. I am on Tussionex Suspension for cough/pain every 12 hours and this stuff knocks me out for a few hours after I take it. I feel like I am swallowing glass anytime I try to eat or drink, which I also know is contributing to the fact I have no energy. Feels like it is never going to stop.

Wow. What a rough illness. Glad you’ve been able to keep yourself out of the ER. Maybe you should try that G2 diet gatorade stuff. It might help with the dehydration. I hope you feel better soon.

Take care of yourself! I hope that you are able to stay out of the ER and especially out of DKA! Is your CGMS working OK?