BEWARE of buying iPhone 13

Thanks, I entered my face into face recognition twice so that it should recognize me even more? I did that with the fingerprint 3 slots so I could grab my iphone from any angle. But our room is pitch black purposely and it doesn’t want to work. I wonder if it has to do I have it on the night setting at it’s dimmest light after 12. I hate the fact anyway of having to pick it up and hold it in front of my face. I’m sure I could get used to that if it worked but it was awful nice just touching the button where it was and reading my numbers.

I have Siri …I ask her my Bg level all the time, it’s great I don’t have to touch anything, but I have a husband and if I talk at night I wake him up!

I didn’t want an Apple watch…but if it works I might lol!!!

Nightscout sounds like it might be the best bet.

Probably too dim at night. . . Makes sense.
Can you change your settings so that it doesn’t lock at all? Or even just doesn’t lick when you’re in your home network? I thought I read something about that.

A Medtronic person told me they are also having issues with IPhone 13.

Note I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

I can not figure out how to keep it unlocked. That would be optimal. But not in the manuals or online. Maybe it’s too new and someone will eventually figure out how or print it for people?

You seem to just be able to keep it on without it locking itself automatically. The Dexcom ap is just too bright. I could leave it on the time ap, it’s dark, but then I would then have to focus to swish it away, then swish it to the Dex ap and then swish it back to the time ap . The more thought that goes into something the more it is likely to keep me awake from that point forward.

I hear you. The best are those nights when it doesn’t beep at all and you sleep blissfully


@Rphil2 , what is a Medtronic Ambassador?

@Marie20 , as far as facial recognition in the dark, the facial recognition does not use visible light. It works well in the dark. Aiming the phone is critical. I have seen several users damn facial recognition simply from poor aiming of the phone when picked up.

Consider it as the mirror in a compact and you are checking makeup. What you have described is ‘user error’.

There are several apps, including G6 that will keep the number on the screen. Consider DARK MODE and decrease illumination at night. The best illumination control is to turn off the illumination by the clock and make it manual. Swipe down from the upper right corner and adjust brightness ad lib.

Nightscout is a poorly supported app with security holes. It is banned on many corporate phones due to the open nature of its code.

@MBW , iphone works great with masks if you have an Apple Watch and security authenication enabled.

The Apple platform is much more stable and secure than other phone systems.

Hope this helps.

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iPhone 13 plus and current iOS works fine for me.

@Jay6 Thanks! The dark mode on it’s dimmest setting might work. I tried it last night and it’s still puts out a lot of light in a pitch black room, but I was able to go sleep and it didn’t seem to bother me, and my hubby hasn’t said anything! If it works out it might even be nicer as I can just glance over to see it.

Sorry, but this is not aimed at you, I appreciate you trying to help. But I was really cussing at Apple for not listening to the huge amount of people that have said they don’t like facial recognition… People really thought they would be adding virtual print capabilities on the 13 as so many wanted “a button” back.

I would understand not aiming it well when I am half asleep in the middle of the night. I doubt I want to put that much focus into it and still really hate the idea of grabbing it and holding it up to my face at any time. When I could just hit a button before. Two nights ago I had several lows even after I reduced basal and hadn’t had insulin for 6 hours before bed. I was reaching over and putting in my code on it’s stand up charger. But of course that takes focus too so I wasn’t happy.

It just adds extra steps most of the time to me. When it works it’s easy. After you talked about the aiming I tried moving it around, closer, farther, it must not like my face as even during the day it doesn’t work well 50% of the time. I am having to keep holding it up and then swishing the screen because it didn’t read the first time. And then usually entering my code. It doesn’t like masks, it doesn’t like different glasses, it doesn’t like my dark bedroom. I think it doesn’t even like a different ponytail or hair clipped up too. Which is why I took back the 12, but I needed the bigger memory now and can’t hold out another year. One of the most opportunistic ways to catch great videos while snorkeling is to keep your phone on for the 2-3 hours of snorkeling and then clip it into short videos. But you need space to do that. So I’m stuck.

I was really eyeing a different phone, but I am so used to an iphone and have always liked it before over the Samsung…sigh. I still might…if it has a button lol.

But seriously now every night, I will put the do not lock on for never, switch to dark mode, dim brightness and reverse it all in the morning. And a button would have made me happy.

Thank you for trying to help with that!

What is this iPhone thing? Is that a cell phone? I’m sending this inquiry from the planet, Android.
(Sorry, couldn’t help kidding a little. Sherry Ann, I know it’s a serious issue you’re dealing with. Given that I’m using a different device, I can’t offer any advice. I hope Dexcom gets their bleeping you-know-whats moving to stay up to date. It’s a given that mobile devices are going to constantly be updated with new software)


@George49 Does the android have a button?
Inquiring minds want to know :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t know about Samsung’s but my Pixel has a button and the memory on it is automatically backed up to google so basically unlimited space.

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@Marie20 , wow…

One more trick about the night light is to adjust the contrast by flicking down from the upper right corner. I use about 5% illumination at night.

I am in several tech groups mainly focusing on testing beta software for healthcare and financial institutions for Apple architecture.
[1] a few individuals have spoofed the finger print scanner using various tom-foolery. Facial recognition with motion like eye blinking has been seen as more secure with two factor authentication.
[2] Apple’s OCR technology of taking text from a photo eliminates the need for virtual printing in all of the settings I see. The only place I see issues is if you want an image from an item to be as copy-proof as possible, doing the black print on red background is about as effective as there is.

Please share a scenario where you would use virtual printing & OCR technology would not meet your need… I am curious.


@Jay6 Not sure completely what you mean…but here goes to what I think you mean.

My phone is sitting to the right of me on the table. I reach over while it’s laying on the counter, touch the button and it comes on and touch the Dex ap and read my BG level. I don’t have to pick it up and hold it up.
Another scenario, in the kitchen cooking, reach over, touch the phone with the one clean finger to the phone on the counter as I want to double check an ingredient amount on a recipe. There again, I don’t have to pick up the phone hold it to my face and get food all over it.
Another scenario, in the shower I can’t always get Siri to answer, reach over touch the button, read my BG level. Minimal getting the phone wet.
Riding my exercise bike, phone sitting on shelf next to me, reach over touch the button, touch Itunes and play a song.

I suppose I could switch it to not turn off in some cases, but again that becomes an extra step(s).

Add on the fact that for me , lift the phone up to my face, still have to swipe up to open…it doesn’t like me, swish up to get the numbers, enter numbers and then open. Extra step and a lot more steps 50% plus of the time. Even if it unlocks, swish up screen to open…when touching a button opened it.

I think that’s what you wanted to know?

BTW…I turned the dim down all the way! But I have a question, I added the Dark mode to the control center, but I don’t see a way to ad the auto lock setting to the control center, it would be nice if all the 3 settings I will be changing were there. Is there a trick to getting it there?

Edited to Add Anther time a button would be better is playing a game. With a button I just exited the game, with the new swish only option I have to swish it once to get the bar to come up and then swish again to leave the game…all the time hoping I don’t hit something important and muck up the game.

When folks here deleted and reinstalled, did you lose your current transmitter and sensor sessions or did you just re-pair? iPhone is working fine for me but not the series 7 Apple Watch. I just started a new sensor and transmitter so I don’t want to have to toss those.

I just re-paired my Apple Watch 6 with my new iPhone 13 – once I learned how to do it. I was in the middle of both a sensor and a transmitter session.

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Do you have the Dexcom app installed as a widget? This is where you can swipe right to look at your widgets without unlocking your phone. I use that a lot! Let me know if this isn’t clear…

@Timothy I’m also frustrated by Sugarmate not working. FB groups (and the company) say they lost their channel and it might be a few months before they can get it back. I used it on my laptop to watch my BG change before and after meals and really miss it!!

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Have you gone to an Apple Store and asked for help? There are simple solutions to everything you are unhappy with.

Apple still sells an iPhone with the TouchID button, it is the iPhone SE and is available with 64 or 128 GB of memory. You mention needing more memory but for most people 128 GB is plenty unless you are shooting a lot of 4K videos and not offloading them.

If you do need more memory you can still buy the iPhone 8, buy it used or refurbished, all retailers have them, Target, BestBuy, Amazon, T-Mobile, etc they have up to 256 GB of memory and will be pretty cheap.

And yes it is simple to have your phone never automatically lock, go to Settings, Display and Brightness, and set Auto-Lock to Never.

It does suck that the Dexcom app uses a white screen and doesn’t support Dark Mode, so if turning the brightness all the way down is still too bright just set your phone face down on your nightstand, then to check your number you just lift it up for a second, you don’t have to put in a code or point it at your face to unlock it if you have set it to Never Lock.

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We don’t have an apple store. And where I used to live it would have taken you months to get an appointment there.

I needed a bigger memory than my iphone 8 had, ( I still kept my iphone 8) I quickly went through about 40gb taking video in the past year. That was since the discovery of a great water proof pouch I could trust my phone in the ocean in and the discovery of using a LIbre to get readings while snorkeling so I can snorkel long lengths of time…

Yes I have my video/pictures backed up, but I also like the idea of it staying on my phone for me to see when I want. I could just keep certain videos on it, I have it all backed up in a paid for google photo account. But I am not 100% happy with that organization and ability to eliminate some on it without knowing which ones I kept on my phone etc…Besides the fact I like it on my phone, years ago we paid for pictures in an online storage only to have that company shut it down after some years and we had to frantically find a solve. I think we had to download them onto a hard disk or zip drive and of course they are now never looked at because that’s problematic. I would also suppose I could keep them on my computer, but saving them or sending them would be a lot of work or more likely tech savvy that I have not a clue about…Yes, they could be saved on a separate memory stick, .but.never to be looked at again. On my phone I can say I have a better video of this ,look at it right away and decide what to keep. Or just watching/looking when I want to.

I dug up the auto lock never feature trying to find a solve. The auto lock on never, is really not a stop to it not locking. It’s a stop to it auto shutting off and hence locking. So you have to have your phone on 24/7…I am trying that out for the night.sitting in it’s charger in the dark mode as @Jay6 suggested, but it still puts out light. But I wouldn’t want my phone on 24/7. It would have been nice to just be able to reach over and turn on the phone not locked…

The simplest idea is leaving it on and setting it face down and plugging it in. I might end up doing that. I figured I should be able to see it by glancing at it as it’s in a stand up charger and on, but it is bright… @Terry4 gave me an idea of putting a Siri shortcut into a shortcut when he put up that box that comes up when you ask Siri your Bg level. But inside the shortcut you can just tap the shortcut and a mini graph and your numbers come up and stay on until you hit done, she doesn’t talk. So that white space is diminished. But the friggin thing still puts out light lol!!! More of a blue light which I think did keep me from going back to sleep or maybe it was a night I wouldn’t have been able to go back to sleep anyway…so more trials needed on that.

But I would have been happy with a button, just like so many others wanted too!!!

If you have an iPhone, you can always CALL Apple techs for help. You do not need to go to a store at all. And if you want any Apple products, you can buy them directly from Apple online. Right now the iPhone 13Pro is not available without a long wait, but the other phones certainly can be ordered. I have over 4,000 photos. I store them all in the Cloud, but if I want to look at any, I just open the photo app on my phone, and I can see any one of them… including photos of Europe from 2004, so I see no limitation. I don’t understand why you would not be able to see your videos if you stored them in the Cloud and wanted to view any of them on the phone. Yes, you may have to pay for more storage on the Cloud; that, unfortunately, is the price of taking a lot of videos.

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