BG 508! I should have switched infusion set models by now

I'm a broken record. I need to get off these unreliable Quicksets. Tried out the Silhouettes and they had worked perfectly. Was waiting on the auto-reorder to fill them next month.

While waiting, I had gotten two Quicksets in a row that worked well. Then I got two that didn't. The first had inconsistent pressure and would pass insulin through only after pressure built. The second had a bent cannula that wouldn't pass ANY insulin. The No Delivery alarm only came on after the pressure in the tubing built up enough. Disconnected the tubing from the cannula and insulin came pouring out.

I can't believe that Minimed could release a product that allows insulin to build up in the tubing.

In any case, I'm finally tossing every last one of my quicksets, 6 full boxes in all. Ordered my first full box of Silhouettes today.

I had the same problems as you with Quicksets and my solution was to change to Silhouettes. I have not has a set problem in more than a year.

I have a suggestion, instead of tossing them why not donate them to the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association.

i never had any problems with quick sets

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll first have to come to grips with donating a product that I feel deep in my heart is insufficient, but donating is better than doing nothing.

Well this is a bit nerve wracking when I'm probably gonna get a box of quicksets with my 530g I've also used one on myself but I have no idea how it'd work with insulin because I only tried it with saline. Seemed okay then but I have heard of issues with them.