I have a new pet…there is a bird living where my heating unit is in my apt, he sounds like a pretty big bird. The cat is going nuts, he hears him chirping, the bird has made his way all the way down to the intake vent and sticks his beak through the vent holes. The cat just sits there watching. Called the manager and hopefully there is a way to get him out. It’s hard to sleep, let alone trying to sleep with a wing flapping, chirping bird in the wall.

Some say that birds can sense low blood sugars!! So perhaps he could be useful :slight_smile: But perhaps it doesn’t work through walls!!! :wink:

I don’t think he is in there cuz my blood sugar is low, he is there just to annoy me…lol Oh well, hopefully the maintenance man will come back and yell at me somemore…Since the bird is way down by the intake vent, he won’t have to take the unit out, like he said he would have to…what a jerk. We’ll see, I can tell ya one thing, he isn’t going to yell at me again, told him it’s not my fault and he needs to do his job.

Maybe this is who it

Of course now that someone comes to get it out, he flies out…dang, what’s a person gotta do around here. Greg said he would have to trap him in there to get out completely. I guess it will keep the cat occupied for a few days anyways.

If we ever catch him, his name will be MUD…I wish I could shove the cat in there and let the cat get him, but am afraid the cat would get hurt. And my daughter would never forgive me. For right now I think I will call him s**thead.