Body went numb from sugar being low

Just the other night, before I was getting ready for bed I noticed that something wasnt right. I checked my sugar and my sugar was 42. I have delt with my sugars being low many of times, but never experienced this… My mouth went numb( which has happend before), my inner thighs, my back and even my stomach! When I explained to my parents what was going on, they called 911 and I was sent to the hospital. The doctor then explained to me that it was because of my sugar being low, and the nerves in my body were “warning” me. I just have never had other parts of my body go numb, besides my tounge. It was definatly really scary for me, and just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this before? Id appreciate your comments. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What a frightening experience…were you out of the hospital quickly??
I have had my lips, and area near my mouth go numb…and hands go tingly! :frowning:

Yes… I was sent home after a few hours. I have had my mouth and lips go numb a bunch of times before. But when it started going all over my body I was very scared. At first I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate to get my sugar up… But they told me it was because of my sugar. Just weird because my sugar has been lower before, and never had that happen to me.

Yes…I’ve had allergic reactions, and I too have had similar symptoms with those (itching, numbness).
Symptoms of lows can change over time…as if it were not interesting enough lol

Now that I think of it, I have Celiac Disease also. I have been googling “numbness with Celiac Disease” and believe it or not, that is symptoms too! I just usually get bad stomach pains… Never thought numbess would connect with Celiac. But I pretty much think I diagnosed myself do to Celiac. Makes perfect sense. Geeze…

That’s the thing if you have more than one health condition, at times the symptoms of one blurs into the symptoms of the other :frowning:
We have a nephew who was diagnosed with Celiac as a baby…mere traces can make him severely ill. He is now 14, but his condition has never held them/him back, he is into camping, kayaking, canoeing…and they’re travelled all over the world with him from the time he was a baby! His dad has Celiac also…but it is very minor now. I guess, in some cases, if you had it very young, it may diminish in intensity as you get older.

I commonly get the numb tongue/lips with lows in the 40’s, but once a few months ago while shipping I had a low and I experienced numbness down my back and into my hips and legs and it was terrifying… I could still walk and I didn’t perceive my mental status as being altered, but it was almost like an out of body experience. I had it explained to me (afterwards, I mentioned it to my endo a few weeks later) that this is actually low-level seizure activity and the brain misfiring, essentially cutting off those nerves from sending signals. The scary part about it was that I knew I was low before it happened and I was already treating it, but it just wasn’t catching up fast enough.

Left untreated that would ultimately lead to a full seizure - if I hadn’t already been treating the low when it happened I probably would have had my first seizure ever.

When I wake up low in the morning, sometimes my entire body is kind of numb and tingly. I figure it’s probably when I’ve been low for a few hours and all my nerves have been deprived of glucose …

I know what you mean! I have had some strange feelings (or not) when I am desparately low and the last time I was that low I was also seeing stars which i had never had before. I was 1.1mmols! I do not know what it is all about either! Probably also due to low oxygen levels and the fact that the less sugar we have in our body we are throwing out more adrenilin (causing the shaking and sweating etc) and the more adrenilin we are pumping out we can get these symptoms! One of life’s little mysteries. Diabetes seems to change the goal posts to keep us on our toes! Like me, I do not get warnings of an impending low and rarely catch any symptoms before I am 2.1 mmols! (Norm being 5 - 7!)

Wow! Thank you guys! This has definatly helped me alot! Like you said Jen, I already treated my low and while I was experiencing all the numbness my sugar was 100… So I just didnt understand why it was happening after my sugar went up. I was starting to think that it was my Celiac Disease, not my Diabetes because I have never had other parts of my body go numb (besides my tounge and mouth area.) I googled numbness with Celiac Disease, and believe it or not that happens too. Just hard to say which part of my body it was affecting- Diabetes or Celiac Disease? The good thing is, that Iam ok now! :slight_smile:

(I meant *Sarah sorry. Thats the same exact thing that happend to me the other night, and that is why I went to the hospital.)

I’ve run down to like 11 and 12 on several occasions. Sometimes, particularly if I’m in the middle of something, I’ll sort of keep at what I’m doing until I get really out of it. It hasn’t happened too much lately but used to be pretty regularly. I also saw people turn orange and have plaid hair once, pounded my head on a concrete floor, handed baby daughter to MrsAcidRock and fell over into a bowl of dog food which flipped up and exploded all over the place (and was probably low carb too…), all sorts of hair-raising adventures. I’ve also hit the 30s like 2 miles into an 8 mile run and just soldiered on. That’s probably not recommended either but can be done. Guitar Hero seems to really be horrible as it always takes me a while to get warmed up and then, by the time I get the hang of it and am like “ooh, I’m Slash”, my legs disappear and I can’t hear anything, sort of like the “going numb” you are talking about.