Bran crisps?

each day i take a step closer to veganism. today was my first day back to being 100% vegan and i feel so accomplished, i hope to keep it up for a while! i spent a good part of my morning in wholefoods…i practically live there between classes. after a delicious run through the salad bar (tofu, grilled veggies, and a whole lot of leafy greens) i shopped a bit more. i discovered Scandinavian Bran Crisps…SO GOOD…has anyone ever heard of them. they are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and sugarless. sort of bland but very healthy. 7 gram of carbs per slice, and 5g of fiber. it is almost like toast. it says low GI on the package so hopefully it is considered low carb…i had a few slices.

Although Dr. B would be quite unhappy with the whole veganism thing, he highly recommends the GG Bran crisps. They have been increasingly hard to find. Many Whole Foods no longer carry them, although if you ask, they can order and stock them. While some people think that eating fiber is healthy, I am not so clear that about the health benefits of high fiber. There are a number of recipes that use the GG crisp, both at the web site and in Dr. B’s “Diabetes Diet” book.

Good luck with the vegan diet thing, it can be a real challenge getting enough nutrition and energy dense stuff to eat.