Brussels sprouts heaven!

Ok I know - Brussels sprouts were the dreaded childhood veggie, no doubt about it - tonight the hubby served up Brussels sprouts cut in half, steamed for a minute in the microwave then fried cut side down with slab bacon till carmalized. Sooooo good!


I’m a huge Brussel sprouts fan. When I’m feeling particularly extravagant I like to have Brussel Sprouts, cooked as you’ve just described, with Bacon and butter, but also add Water chestnuts. The water chestnuts almost develop a creamy, rich flavour as they absorb so much of the butter and bacon fat.


I love them roasted. Nothing beats that.

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pictures or it didnt happen

The republicans will now dictate all Brussels sprout use. No more Metformin either.

I like them lightly steamed then added to a stirfry, one of my fave vegetables.

Ate them - wait a couple of days!

Parboiled then fried is definitely the way to go. Goose or duck fat is a good alternative to bacon for frying. Also you can shred them rather than cutting them in half. Season with a touch of cayenne? YUMMO

I’ve never dug them. But did you hear the news? Bill Russell is becoming a goodwill ambassador for the N.B.A… The N.B.A., of course, meaning the National B(ill)Rusell (Sprouts) Association.

Never knew that. But of course I get my news from the BBC (British Brusselsprout Corporation)

BBC - well worth vegging out on…


Brussels sprouts… I remember an episode of Leave it to Beaver in which June served Brussels sprouts for dinner one evening. The Beav wouldn’t eat his, and his mom threatened him with no dessert if he didn’t clean his plate. Wally said, “Just pretend they’re little heads of lettuce, Beav.” So I always think of little heads of lettuce whenever I eat Brussels sprouts (which is as often as I can!)

My daughter’s mother in law used to call them fairy cabbages!

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Oh that Beev! Can’t watch the re-runs since my old man confessed his long time lust for Mrs. Cleever.

Now that I’m an adult, I must confess that I lust after Ward Cleever…:wink:

no Ward for me but gee wiz that Cary Grant…whoops got to go open some windows now!