By the light of the MOON

Are you walking in the Moon light does it shine light up your heart do the rays penetrate deep into your soul and warm you from within,do the bats that fly to and fro or owls l that hoots remind you of better times or loved who fill your aching heart,do fireflies light your way and lead down the path do daffodils sleeping wink at you as you pass there way, do foxes come out of hiding and cross your way do shooting stars make you think of what happened on Christmas Day,do troubles fill your weary brow,have you argued with the one you love and think it is too late turn back on your weary path say I am sorry before it is too late,was not a Shepard with his flock told of a great event did not the star shine bright and proud did not in the manger a baby sleep did not his mother cry for in our lives most wondrous things often pass us by, we look but seldom see the beauty ball around most times we have our eyes firmly set on the ground,in the night the bright light of the Moon surrounds us like a coat even in winter it still shines bright no mater where you are, next time you take a walk in the night be thankful for it’s guiding light, many stars twinkle and shine but non as bright as sister Moon, if you are waking with a dog he or she knows better than we how comforting that big old Moon can be on a chilly winters night, so shed not a tear for brother Sun he shines and warms the Earth but he will never know that wondrous touch of sister Moon which always accompanies us,tred softly in the new born snow or in that puddle of rain the Moon is watching over you nothing more to explain