Can you help me? Please?

Team “Beat the Bete” is going to do the ADA walk again this year. In fact, it is this coming Saturday. WE have about 10 - 15 people
walking with us and we will all be wearing the “Beat the Bete” shirts I
made last year except for one difference. I want to add a statement
about diabetes on the front of each shirt.

This is the logo I made for last year.

I would like all of them to be different but I need (or I should say want) ideas from others.

I thought of some but I would rather use what you guys come up with.

Here are some short statements that I have seen around the blogosphere but if you would like to suggest any, I will GREATLY appreciate it.

Insulin is not a cure
Test, don’t guess
There is no such thing as "bad diabetes"
Not all type 1’s are skinny
Not all type 2’s are overweight

Please let me know your ideas and SOON. I gotta get to making these shirts!

Thanks all!!!


Here are a few that I’ve seen while surfing the net…

Someone I Love has diabetes.
I’m “pumped”!
Powered by insulin.
I’m sick of pricks!
Sugar Challenged.
“Pump” it up!
Sugar Free, but Sweet as can be.
I brake to bolus.
High fructose corn syrup is evil.
This site has tons…

Whoops - I just noticed the date you posted - too late! Sorry.