CarbFinder App - so glad I found it!

Finally! After hours of searching, trying, deleting and searching again, I found the app I have been looking for.
I use carb factors when calculating J’s meals. This makes it super easy to figure how many carbs he is eating. I fix as much as he wants, then calculate the carbs in the food by its weight. Much easier than using the serving size on the package and finding out he doesn’t want that much, or he wants more, but not twice as much. Know what I mean? This is very accurate since it calculates how many carbs are in each gram of food.

So our pancake mix and chocolate chips and milk, etc all have numbers written on them - the carb factor, or amount of a carb that each gram of weight contains. Things like .634 and .782. I weigh the food in grams, then pull out the calculator and multiply the weight by the carb factor. The only problem with this method is that every time I get something new in the house, I have to refigure the carb factor and write it on the new item. And if J is eating more than one single item with carbs, I have to remember (or write down) the carbs in the first item, then add to the carbs in all the other items.

Now, I can store the info on my iPod and even use it to make the calculations for me. All I have to do is weigh the item and then enter the weight into my new App. CarbFinder is wonderful - I can add my foods to it and never have to worry about recalculating them again! I just put in the serving size (in grams but you can choose other measurement types as well) and the amount of carbs (it also does calories, fiber and fat).

Example - Nestle Chocolate Chips (Semi-Sweet) have a serving size of 14 grams and that contains 9 carbs.
What if J needs 18 grams in his pancakes? Or 25? No more calculating it myself now. I just find the chocolate chips (there is a search function) and tell CarbFinder he is getting 25 grams. It tells me how many carbs are in that amount. I can add it to his plate if I want to track the info, which makes it much easier making pancakes too. I don’t have to remember how many carbs were in the pancake mix, then do calculations for the chocolate chips, recall the pancake carbs, then add the two together. CarbFinder holds the chocolate chips grams in his “plate” then I figure the pancake mix and it adds the two together. And the best part is, it’s free!

I’m going off to play with my new app now!