Carelink professional reports

Does anyone know how to get the carelink professional reports. My educator showed me, but when I got home and tried I couldn’t find it.

My understanding is only doctors have access to professional version, which has more reports and options. But this is based on my experience with Carelink from several years ago, and been a while since my last download.

I didn’t like that we, the patient didn’t get same, if not more access to our own data.

Nothing about us, without us!

I recall the doctor version having a “compliance” report. It could show frequency of infusion set and reservoir changes, and I was questioned on that by my endo, as I don’t follow the recommended protocol. I rarely entered carbs with bolus wizard, and got dinged for that too. But now I have a new endo that asks if settings have changed, and if I say no, they don’t bother with download.

Also notice an additional charge on my insurance EOB and a procedure code that relates to the download. If I was new to pump, it would be more helpful.