Carelink Software - Medtronic

So frustrating when Medtronic don’t keep the Carelink Software data management up to date.

Can you explain more? What is not up to date?

My problem with it over the years is that they don’t keep abreast of the Mac OS updates—they’re always lagging a version behind, so if you keep your OS up to date you have use your browser user agent settings to spoof it into letting you upload your data. Is that the issue you’re referring to?

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I’m nervous about this carelink program is it at all similar to this other one?

“Carelink 2090 pacemaker programmers and other relevant equipment that the researchers say contain potentially life-threatening vulnerabilities. The Department of Homeland Security and the Food and Drug Administration have gotten involved as well.”

I dont understand. How many pieces of software does Medtronic have that are called CareLink? So confusing.

And, is the recent Medtronic warning related at all to the NSA warning? Here

Patch if your running Windows…just to be on the safe side.