Medtronic Carelink uploader issue resolved (Mac/Safari)

So I recently received my 670G pump and the Contour Next Link meter and was attempting my first upload of pump data. Needless to say it didn’t go well (and I am an IT professional).

What won’t work due to changes in Java handling:

  • Chrome on a Mac (didn’t try it on a PC but I suspect it’s the same)
  • Firefox on a Mac (didn’t try it on a PC but I suspect it’s the same)

What did work:

  • Internet Explorer on a Windows 10 PC
  • Safari 11 on a Mac

Uploading Issue:
Every time I run the “upload” function from Carelink, it would tell me that the Java could not be run due to browser restrictions.

At the bottom of the screen, it shows the troubleshooting link which gives instructions for Safari 6 and higher but nothing more specific for later editions.

Since my primary machine is a Mac I wanted to get this working. I’m on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4 (the latest) with Safari 11.

After calling the helpful (very) Medtronic number, I was guided to the new correct settings to bypass the browser security issue. The solution worked so I suggested they update the help page.

To get it working:
Safari - Preferences - Websites.
Highlight Java on the left hand Plugins pane
Highlight (or add/highlight) on the right pane
Hold down the alt/option key and click on the Ask/On/Off drop down and select the now visible “Run in Safe Mode” - and uncheck it
If you only see Ask/On/Off as your dropdown options, you’re not holding down the alt/option button on your keyboard…

Below should be an image of this.

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I had some trouble getting Carelink to work on Windows 8.1. The program would launch, but nothing would appear under the upload tab.

It was a problem with Java under Windows 8.1. I went to the oracle verify java page using Internet Explorer, and could not get my Java installation to verify. I noticed there was a note under the verify button saying there was an “alternate verify” for Windows 8 users. I clicked that link, the verify worked, then Carelink worked. There must have been some java setting that got changed when I tried the “alternate verify”.

Hopefully someone that also uses Windows 8 will find this helpful.

Java is a complex (and oft despised) beast and in the name of security, many browser vendors lock it down - support for it has gotten better if more complex. Out of interest, did you ever upgrade to Windows 10? The Edge browser is not supported for Carelink but legacy Internet Explorer remains pretty solid (never thought I’d say that about IE).

Yeah, I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Medtronic support to get Carelink working in Windows 10. It seems that only OLD browsers are supported and upgrading Java is a requirment.

I can’t imagine the workload that Medtronic support will suffer as many ANIMAS pump users migrate to Medtonic pumps.

So now I have an ICON on my START screen that is custom for Carelink. In the couple of times I used Carelink in the past couple of weeks it does seem to work once you get upgraded and logged in. Only time will tell for sure.

I know as an EX support dude for a graphics card maker that we and Microsoft would bend over backwards (not publicly) to minimize support calls. Seems like Medtronic is taking a different approach. I hope they have a solution in the works.

Personally I think the answer is twofold … firstly test the hell out of their uploader technology across different browsers (and yes, mobile/tablet ones too) before signing off on them and secondly, after support calls like ours, update the damned troubleshooting website. That it was referring to a version of Safari from the distant past with no recent updates is unforgivable.

As you well know, once you’ve answered the tenth call with the same issue and you’ve documented the solution, force the website guys to publish an update.

I like Carelink - the reports seem comprehensive and it’s nice to be able to show your endocrinologist that you’re taking this $6,000 bit of kit seriously :slight_smile:

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Yep. My support roll was to create and publish those WEB documents as quickly as an issue was identified. IF NOT SOONER!

I like what I see with Carelink but I have not spent enough time digging into the reports as yet.

I hear that an update is expected in the next few months, but again, due to lack of experience with Medtronic I don’t know whether to be afraid or happy. :wink:

LOL - there’s some features they really need to work on (such as an ability to share with your clinic without having to initially share your site credentials) but hopefully it will be only positive :). I am still amazed that they rely on a dongle (either the original USB one or the meter) for uploading data.

FWIW, even though I’ve been tempted away by the shiny and new, Medtronic products are in general very reliable and quietly do what they do. Now if only we could rid ourselves of all those nagging alerts requiring confirmation.

Thanks for posting this since I haven’t used Carelink this year at all due to my previous workaround suddenly not working.

Glad it was useful :slight_smile:

It is dangerous to use Java with web browsers. This has been known for many years and responsible websites do not use it. Currently less the 3 in every 10,000 websites use Java.

I was a military contractor’s head of computer security in 1981. I’ve always been extremely careful over the years because I have seen a lot of security disasters. Despite my precautions, I was hacked while uploading pump data a few months ago.

5 years ago, US-CERT (Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team) urged the general public to disable Java unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Last July, the U.S. Computer Security Resource Center reported that the Java plug-in “Password.Java” allows hackers to capture user passwords. They continuously report new ways to hack Java. They have already reported 10 security vulnerabilities this year.

Oracle created Java. Back in Aug. of 2016, they warned website developers to stop using Java browser plugins. They also warned users. “Users of plugin based applications should contact their vendor to ask them what alternative plans will be made available.”

Medtronic should be sued for requiring Java browser plug-ins to upload data. They say “3 billion devices use Java so it must be okay”. True, but that is “pure” Java, not the Java plugin that almost all browsers banned years ago.

I now use an old barely functional laptop (that is isolated from everything else that uses our home’s wifi) to upload my pump data. That doesn’t prevent Java hacks, but it limits the damage.

BTW I’ll give references to all of the above info about Java to anyone who wants them.

Clearly they heard you, LOL.

I haven’t seen anything in the news. What’s changed?

Posted this a couple of days ago–Java no more:

I downloaded the new Medtronic uploader in Chrome and after working thru some ambiguous instructions it downloaded perfectly and I have used it twice to upload data and it works great. Now I no longer need to use Internet Explorer for the sole purpose of running the Carelink program.

same here. I despise IE, so it’s nice not to have to fire it up just to deal with Carelink issues.

There is a thing call IE TAB - an addon for chrome that lets you run IE within a chrome tab - It has allowed my wife to play old games -

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Hi. I tried following your directions, but Java does not show up as a plugin for Safari 13. I can’t get Carelink to work in Chrome either. I’ve been on hold with Medtronic Support for a while now, but not feeling positive about a fix. I haven’t seen anything recent on this topic on this forum or elsewhere on the internet.

Since version 12, Safari no longer supports Java plugins.

Someone on the Apple forum found that installing / using “SeaMonkey” from the Mozilla group did the trick!

Thanks, I’ll give that a try!

You don’t need Java to run carelink