Case to Carry Syringes

Hello Everyone,

I have had this happen a few times: syringes I carry with me end up with all the lines rubbed off and become useless. I usually keep them inside a sealed plastic bag in my purse. I'm wondering what is causing this and how I can avoid it? I think it happened in a make up bag once also. Any ideas?


There are a multitude of suitable cases online, the one below would be suitable.

My major gripe is the price premium attached to such products, I can find similar sized cases as well made for £1 from retail outlets in the UK.

The rubbing off is caused by friction, so I would tie several syringes together with a rubber band to stop movement friction and keep inside a carry case that way if you didn't want to spend loads of money on a solution. A cheap reading glass case would do the job well.

Again such glasses and case can be purchased for £1 in the UK, not sure about the USA.

Failing that medi cool company do a good range of bags that would solve this issue.

I've always liked the diapack deluxe and have had a couple.

Desang do some nice kit as well.

Hope this helps.

My wife gave me this thing when we first met, I sort of miss it sometimes:

Hahah I remember your Louis V bag!

Thanks Buckley,

I like the diapack but that is too large to fit in my purse. I have a larger D case that I had in a larger purse but I'm trying to scale down and I find it is just easier to get at things quickly if everything is in separate compartments in my purse- I recently bought a nice cloth purse with tons of pockets, but it is still way too heavy, how does that always happen? I think I will try the eyeglass case since it is small and cheaper too, or maybe Acidrock's wife's idea, that might be just what I need :-)

lol, that is cute, I'm going to try to find something like this and try the eye glass case too. Maybe I can design a syringe holder myself also.

With the eye glasses case you could fit about four syringes in there, they also wouldn't move around as much as they do in a pouch.

Eyeglass cases are inexpensive and fairly good quality ones can be purchased for a buck at the Dollar stores when they have them in stock (its in-and-out so you just have to check periodically). For something more compact, you might want to consider a toothbrush case. They're a lot more compact (narrow) but only hold two syringes comfortably. If you want to carry pre-filled syringes, the best one is the Wright syringe case (only holds one per case) that can be purchased at

Hi meee. Both cases that came with my One Touch Ultra Two and Mini One Touch have room enough for at least two syringes; the Ultra Two will hold four. I always carry one of those meters in my purse. I have a small cosmetic case in my purse also with a few syringes and other D stuff, just in case of an emergency. I've never had a problem with my syringes losing their lines, so maybe it's the brand? I use BD 1/2 marking syringes. As NutriJoy mentioned, I also use a Wright case for prefilled syringes, since carrying around my insulin pens seems to lead to their losing potency, no matter how hard I try to keep them at a good temperature.

I like Buckley's idea of a small eyeglasses case. Have you tried a travel supply store? They have all kinds of small and light envelopes and containers for stuff that might work fine, or maybe a pen case. Your idea of just putting them in a small ziploc type bag probably works as well as anything though. I have found some brands "rub off" more than others, so maybe switching syringe brands could help.

I use old denim jeans and make stuff from them. The pockets are great to use because they are already mostly sewn. My latest 'home made' pocket is for the clip on sunglasses and it takes up very little space and weighs next to nothing. I'ts not perfect but it works. Needles would slip easily in here:

unfortunately though they still had that effect, lol. I don't know what is up with this... I use bd syringes, but I don't use them often, only at the end of pens usually- no prefilled syringes. It reminds me of the printed receipt inks now which vanish after a few days sometimes. I'm going to try the eye glass case and maybe try sewing one with elastic loops to hold the syringes in place and see if this will help.

Hi Trudy, I will have to look for mine, I had a one touch mini but I don't know if I was using syringes then. I have bd too, so I don't know what is going on? lol.

Great idea Karen, that is so cute.. I have been doing upholstery and I have to sew a band on my tally tummyband because it is too tight, but I have been too busy to clear everything away in my studio and I was recovering from back spasms, pretty soon hopefully!

Thanks NutriJoy, I already have a gazillion eye glass cases because I use various readers now for everything so I'm going to try them first and see what happens. Thanks! I usually only carry two with me Buckley but maybe 4 would be better because they won't move around, but then it may not fit in the pocket of my purse I have them in which is already way too heavy.

in case no one mentions it…i use a travel toothbrush case…purchased at the dollar store and it is very protective in my handbag…or travel kit.

I got to wondering if swiping some clear fingernail polish over the ink on the syringe might keep the lines on there. My back ups still have the marks but they are still in the original packaging.

Sewing is so peaceful. I would help you clear your studio if I could. Mine is a mess right now, too. Take care.

Hi, Meee-

Check out the Kipling Creativity Large organizer/pouch. I read about it on another D forum and replaced my ugly black case with it. It's relatively small, but can hold a surprising amount of stuff: strips and lancet in one pocket, meter in another, and a discrete inner zip pocket for syringes. It can also hold an insulin pen (or vial). You can find it at Amazon. Here's a link: Click on the red one to see the inner pockets.

A old Glucagon kit holds 4...not very stylish but it's free.

What a good idea!