Best Insulin Daily Carry Case?

I need to carry my fast acting insulin pen, the pen needles, the meter etc on a daily basis and I use different carry cases for that. I need one that fit them all and yet it is slim. Can you please advise me from your experiences?

I use one that is designed to be a makeup case.
there is so many different shapes and examples that are hard to count.
there is also those bags they give at airplanes,the exact right size.
you can make one yourself,choose a nice material,size it as you like,then sew it,don’t forget to add a zipper because it would be much easier
also,there are those extra large wallets,their are some that can become handy,also,kids sometimes have these small stuffed animals that is actually is a pouch,another idea too :slight_smile:
hope that this is enough :slight_smile:

Hi Aysha!
I love what I use, it’s exactly the right size for me. I use a light weight (almost parachute type material) top zippered bag that came with a make-up free gift. It’s perfect. I dump in lancets and needles then my glucometer and a bottle of test strips and a pen. I don’t see any need to separate everything, it just makes it bulkier. It’s soft so it fits comfortably in my purse and can smash down if needed. I’ve tried to replace it with other things but none work as well and I’ve probably had it for several years. And, it was free!

I agree about makeup bags. there are so many with zippers and pockets. I use a free gift one as my going out pack for just a meter and a syringe. I have one from teh container store for my every day stuff. There are so many out there, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Hi Aysha –

I use a case that was designed for makeup, although it was a challenge to find one that wasn’t in a wild color or without flowery prints. It holds the pen, meter, strips vial, alcohol swabs, small pad of paper, writing pen, and two extra strips vials (one holds two extra needles and the other is for needle discards).

The Modella brand can be found at Walmart and Walgreens; haven’t looked at Target yet. You can always find airline toiletry bags at thrift stores, but I found them to have too large an interior.

For my supplies at home, I found the perfect cigar box at a local tobacco store. It’s roughly 18Wx5Hx6D, and it neatly holds side-by-side boxes of needles, alcohol swabs and test strips, as well as a meter in its case, a bottle of metformin, and a calculator. The best part is the cigar brand tag line that’s printed on the outside – “The Fix”!


I use a Frio with a very thin frozen gel pack that folds inside.

I also use a Frio insulin wallet. The Frio keeps insulin within a safe temperature range, especially in summer. Encased within the walls of the nylon pouch are small seed-like pellets that absorb water and greatly expand in size. The Frio system is comprised of the inner pouch with the water soaked pellets that slides into an outer sleeve and closes with velcro.

While I usually carry two 10 ml insulin vials in this wallet, it was actually designed for insulin pens.

The beauty of this system is that it requires no power as it cools via the natural evaporation of the water. It can remain effective for several days in between water douses.

I’ve used the Frio for over one year and it eases my worry of overheating the insulin and thereby ruining its effectiveness.

The site I linked to above is just to illustrate what the Frio looks like. I make no recommendations or endorsements of this particular diabetes supply house. I bought mine at a local diabetes medical supply business.

Go to WalMart in the electronics area. You will find cases for cameras and cell phones. Take your diabetic stuff with you. This worked fine for me.

I use a pretty pokka dotted makeup bag that I got at Target. I hate those ugly, UGLY, black zipper pouches with hold down thingys. I am going to say UGLY one more time, so you know what I am talking about. I have toted a bag around for many years and ugly is not acceptable to me.

My biggest challange was finding the right size. It has to be long enough for both of my insulin pens to fit, and wide enough to pile in needles, meter, alcohol swabs, lancing device. Then I am happy. Happy, Happy, Happy.

I want to share a weird satisfaction with you. And I know you will know what I am talking about. I get a weird satisfaction out of cleaning my bag out. About every 1-2 days I remove achohol wrappers, used strips, used needles, trash, empty insulin pens, those stupid little pink or blue thingys, tissues, then dump it all into my safe container (a giant milk jug).
Then I refill the bag again with all of these items and then I am done for a couple of days. Are you weird like me?

Oh I forgot about putting the bottle of strips in the case also. :slight_smile:

I don’t work for the company but I met a very nice lady at the Chicago Diabetes show.

I asked her for a slim “not so cute” one for men…

I use a case that came with my DELL computer for the removable DVD. I cut some of the foam to fit the pen but most of my stuff (two day trip) seems to fit. For the summer I use the Frio packs. Love them.

Thank you all for your replies!! I do use the frio pack when travelling. I think I will go shopping for the perfect makeup bag… Appreciate your replies

That makes 2 of us!! I do the exact same thing I hate seeing those alcohol swabs wrappers all over the place :slight_smile:

I use a clutch from this website