How do you guys carry your dexcom? I normally just keep it in my pocket, and add a ziplock bag if I’m doing anything active (biking, running, ect.). I was wondering if you guys have any other ways of carrying your dexcom. Perhaps you can direct me to some alternative carrying devices (I’ve seen some cases on the market but most of them seem to be homemade creations).

if you are talking about the Dex 7+, then I use a nice carrying case that Dex has on their website, it has a protective cover that zips around the device and clips to my belt... otherwise

I’m using the g4, it came with a case but for some reason it doesn’t fit on any of my belts. Thanks for responding. has a really good case that fits on any belt. I wear mine on my belt all the time.

It actually does fit on virtually any belt or even just the edge of you pants without any belt, but you have to pull the clip sufficiently out to mount it on ... and the darn thing is rather tight! The way you accomplish this nontrivial maneuver follows:
1. using left hand grab the clip part such that your thumb is on the lower end of the clip and the 2nd finger is on the top of the clip.
2 using the right hand's thumb and second finger you create a ring around the clip such that it allows you to have them perform 2 functions - A) oppose your left hand in pulling the clip out, and B) slide under the clip as you pull it out.
3. with the clip now pulled and locked in that position by the right hand's fingers, you should be able to slide it over the belt and release your left hand fingers from locking the outstretched clip.
Simple! (Right ...) But think positive - it won't fall off easily!
I wear it on my belt in the original case.
I will try to upload images of this operation/maneuver tomorrow.

BTW, I think that someone before commented that any iPod case would accommodate the G4 perfectly. That's one option.

The G4 case is an interesting design. It seems to be made to wrap around the belt, though that part doesn't need to be used. Just use the clip alone. And it is a tough clip, but wears down after time to be able to put on the belt easier.