Celebration Time!

If you’ve been following my dilema for the past 6 months… We went to court this morning… The judge threw the case out! I got my son home today!!! I"m such a happy momma!!!
Thank God for His opening they eyes and ears of the judge. He is so awesome how He takes care of us:)
I would still appreciate your prayers as we readjust my son to home life. We will need to find new counselors and Dr as I’m sure that since they were the ones to make the accusations… It wont look good for them. We need a Counselor and Dr that will see our son the way he really is and help him.
Also, still have a need for employment for Stephen. sigh… money is so running out.

Hoorah!!! I hope that all will go well with your son’s new beginning at home!


It’s a short lived victory and on to more needed prayer. We’re having trouble connecting with the “fosterparent” in order to get his medicine and clothing/personal belongings back. We only have tonight’s “sample” medicine from the dr as he wouldnt give anymore. also, My son, is going thru some hard thought changes because the Social Services and counselor “primed” for a three year stay in fostercare with promises he could go live with his bio-father. (the one that does not pay childsupport/that abused us before he abandoned us.) He is also being self - abusive. We’re in for a long haul of working to help fix a wrong thought process for him. I discovered yesterday why he was wearing a long sleeved shirt in court. He “carved” the word "slayer"into his arm. I took pictures of it. I will share this info with the next counselor. ( we need medicaid problems fixed asap.) sigh…
I need alot of wisdom and ability to keep him safe;as well as feeling good to be home.